Why all the walking? Blood clots?

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RNY on 11/10/14
Hi guys! I read a lot of people saying after surgery they have to walk to much. I was wondering is it just for the gas and healing or is it to prevent clots too? Some say they have to get up and walk every ten minutes. How long does that last? Obviously no one should sit for hours without moving but I'm wondering how long the constant moving lasts and all that. Thanks.







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We are at risk of blood clots for up to 30 days after surgery.
Longhorn Girl
on 9/2/10 2:34 am - Austin, TX
I believe it's for both prevention of clots and for ridding the body of the excess gas.

I actually found it more comfortable to stand in the few days after surgery than to sit, so I just kind of paced around my house even while watching tv.
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I actually had to do blood thinner shots in the stomach for 7 days post-op for blood clots. I didn't mind though because a lady that had surgery a month prior to me passed from throwing a blood clot.  So whatever your doctor recommends, I would do it.
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Michele T.
on 9/2/10 2:40 am - Houston, TX
I have had 15 different surgeries in my life.  The walking not only prevents blood clots, it promotes healing, I have learned from experience as I have done it both ways.  You will heal more than twice as fast if you are up and active.  You will have to take periodic naps right after surgery as you are healing, but the rest of the time, you should be up and moving.  Two days after my surgery I went to Galveston, shopped, went to NASA Space Center, walked on the beach, and even went with my family to Schlitterbahn even though I couldn't get in the water.  The two most important things after surgery are activity and sipping water.  Most of the complications I am aware of have occurred due to dehydration, and it can happen easily and quickly!  I had surgery on Tuesday and was back at work the following Tuesday, and I attribute that to all of the activity  and sipping I did the week after surgery.

So just follow the old adage:  Walk, sip, walk, sip, walk, sip
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Hi Amie,

I meant to answer your question the other day on my post. I can't sit for more than 10 minutes because of the potential blood clots. I on lovenox blood thinners daily, but my surgeon doesn't want me in the bed until its time to go to sleep. It makes sense because laying down makes me feel worse unless I have the heating pad up to my belly. It hurts to get up, but once you are moving around it just feels better. It's good you're asking these questions now, it will make all the difference post op!


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RNY on 11/10/14
Thanks guys! I admit the blood clots scare me but I know they are a risk any surgery and I had to have those leg compression stockings about ten years ago when I had my back surgery so I know I can do what I need to do. I just tend to dwell on things so I didn't need to see about the woman passing away. lol But it's ok, I'm still gonna do the surgery! lol







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It does help prevent blood clots but it does more than that. Moving around gets your blood circulating and aids healing as well. Plus it does help rid the body of the gas they pump into your abdominal cavity during surgery. This gas can't really be burped out. Walking aleviates it.
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There is absolutely no medical reason to get up and walk every 10 minutes.  Every 30 minutes is more than adequate if you are sitting a lot, and that is only for the first 2-6 days post-op.

Most of us walk for exercise, not to prevent blood clots or anything else.  You will read all kinds of garbarge that people do, but that does not make it medically necessary.

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Gosh, as slow as I was moving at first, if I got up to walk every 10 minutes, I'd never have gotten anything else done. I walked about every half hour or so. Now I walk once a day but either in the morning early or in the evening when it's cooled down. Too bloody hot here during the day right now and our air quality alerts are high. I have asthma, makes it icky.