Livestrong (my daily plate) v's My Fitness Pal

on 9/3/10 4:50 pm - United Arab Emirates
Hi - does anyone have experience of both of these?

Which is your favourite and why? Does anyone pay for the subscription of My Daily Plate and is it worth it ($45 p/annum).

I'm currently using My Fitness Pal but considering a change.

Thanks for reading.

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on 9/3/10 9:29 pm - Royal Oak, MI
I use the one here under health tracker.
on 9/3/10 9:41 pm - Canada
Have you tried Sparkpeople?  It's 100% free which is what I like, although as with many sites there's a learning curve re: inputting all of the foods that aren't listed already.  Once it is all in there I do like the reports and things you can run.  Anyway, just another option.
on 9/3/10 11:55 pm - New York, NY
I used sparkpeople in the begining and switched to

I've been happy with I can't seem to remember the reasons why I switched.

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on 9/4/10 12:29 am - Scott, LA
I use myfitnesspal.  I'm satisfied with that site so haven't used any other.

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Lee ~
on 9/4/10 12:40 am - CA
I've tried fitday, sparkpeople,dailyplate and found that I had to add foods into all of them.  Someone turned me onto myfitnesspal in January.  I tried it and haven't looked back.  I don't think there's been a food that I wanted to enter into my day, that wasn't already on there.  I do check the nutritional breakdown of foods that I'm using for the first time.

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