what to do with PB2

diane S.
on 9/12/10 2:11 pm
So i ordered a bunch of pb2 powder looking for variety in eating. So far i added some to a choc protein shake and that was fine. But what else do i do with this stuff? it smells and tastes good. not gonna spread it on crackers thats for sure. so what do i do with it? D

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on 9/12/10 2:15 pm
 You can use it to make a Thai peanut sauce for grilled chicken skewers....stir some into vanilla flavored yogurt or sf chocolate pudding...  :)
on 9/12/10 2:15 pm - Walker, LA
 Hi there!
     I was just reading some of Eggface's recipes last night and noticed that she had a lot of recipes with the PB2.  Here is a link to her discussion of PB2.  At the bottom there are a lot of recipe links, and I think in many of them she uses PB2.  Good luck! Let me know how it goes!!!

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on 9/12/10 2:21 pm - Avila Beach, CA
I'm thinking of making my own protein bars with it....I am going to try out stuff this week, see if anything comes back tasting like anything that I'd like to snack on and not spending $2 a pop....

I throw it in Thai-type cooking.....and in my shakes right now.....I'll keep you guys posted on if my protein bar adventure delivers anything edible.
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on 9/13/10 12:29 am
 I purchased PB2 from Bell Plantation. They have some great recipes listed on their website.

Here is the link: http://www.bellplantation.com/recipes
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on 9/13/10 2:31 am
Hi Diane,

I used to like their pancakes.  The recipe is on their website.
diane S.
on 9/13/10 2:33 am
PANCAKES!!!!!!  Thats someting i never thought i would eat again. Gotta check that website. Hope all is well with you. I am hanging in at goal weight. thought i might lose another pound or two and probably will one of these days. but feelin great! D

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on 9/13/10 10:06 am - IA
I'm glad you asked this Diane.  I have 4 jars that haven't been opened.  I'm going to the suggested websites right now!
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on 9/13/10 11:35 am - McKinney, TX
VSG on 05/19/09 with
We have a Sugarfree Bakery in Dallas that sales it! I loveeeeeeeeeeee PB2.

I mix it with sugar free grape jelly and put it on a bagel thin or deli flat!

There is enough moisture in the jelly to mix it so you dont have to add water and it makes it super creamy.

If I use a serving, plus a deli flat and grape jelly, my whole sandwich is only 155 calories!! Yay!

5'5" and a size 0!!! Woohooo!