Scared and Concerned About Hair Loss

on 11/18/10 10:34 pm
Surgery is scheduled for 12/3. Had a coworker tell me today that this won't work and that I should do the Duondenal Switch. My BMI is 37 and I'm 5'6" and 235. Will I lose my hair? Will I gain my weight back. I exercise regularly and eat right.
Jessica K.
on 11/18/10 10:47 pm - LA
People will try to talk you out of this due to their own insecurities, proven fact.

You will lose some hair. I lost a good lil bit but no one else could tell. If your concerned about hair loss go ahead and get some Biotin to help with this issue. And if you do lose more hair than you'd prefer cutting it short always fools the eye! :)

Best of luck to you, don't let others bring you down. This WILL work especially since your already on the right track of eating right and exercising regularly. I am 2 years post up and check out my signature line! :)

Best of luck to ya darlin!
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Lisa R.
on 11/18/10 10:56 pm - Dallas, TX
Friends, family and co-workers will try to talk you out of any WLS because of fear, jealousy and a host of other psychological salad. Don't listen to them! Hopefully, you've researched all your options thoroughly and know why you and your surgeon made this decision and are secure in it.

Yes, there is a good posibility of losing a good bit of hair any time you lose a significant amount of weight. It's happened to me in the past but it's always grown back in - nothing to be afraid about. Start taking Biotin now which will help the regrowth when it starts coming in again.

Can you gain your weight back? You can probably gain the weight back with ANY WLS if you were non-compliant...if you ate slider foods and drank milk shakes and high caloric beverages every day. VSG is a tool not the magic button that makes us thin. We still have to make good choices and exercise.

Good luck!


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on 11/18/10 11:14 pm - Burbank, CA
VSG on 10/04/10 with
The duodenal switch is a great procedure but you will still lose hair with it.  And temporarily losing hair should not, by any means, be your reason to not have WLS.  Do some research on the DS.  Ask more questions about the VSG. Find out what the success rates are.  Go to I personally wanted to make my decision based on all of the information possible.
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on 11/18/10 11:32 pm
Per my surgeon, as long as your getting your protein in you can avoid hair and muscle loss.

Good luck oh your weight loss journey~