Two and half months post op and surprize--- LEAK!!!

on 11/25/10 8:43 am - Dunnellon, FL
Well not a very happy thanksgiving for me this year. I found out on Tuesday that I have a small leak and need to have a stent placed on Monday which means I have to be in hospital until then!!

I was driving home from work on Monday and started to have severe left shoulder/chest pain, I actually thought I was having a heart attack so my hubby took me to nearest ER--first mistake. They ruled out any cardiac, I explained the surgery to them and the symptoms of a leak but didn't think myself that it could possibly be this far out. I was diagnosed with gerd and sent home. Well by the time I got home I had the severe pain again and started havnig abdominal pain, next morning called my PCP and he treated me for diverticulitis. Still didn't sound quite right so I called my surgeon and he asked me to come in for a ct scan and an Upper GI and low and behold Nadine has a leak?! Why me I keep asking, I have been sooo careful,, following my diet to the T, nothing I am not supposed to do. My surgeon says its just a fluke and it can happen, not neccessarily anything I did wrong. I am in excruciating pain  and now because of the leak I have pleurisy which makes it hurt to even breathe. Life really stinks right now and I keep saying what did I do to deserve this? I cry at least 6 times a day. My leak is at the top of my sleeve which is why he want to do the endoscopically placed stent which have to be ordered which is the reason for monday. So I am here for observation, antibiotics, nothing to eat or drin****il after procedure on Monday which comes with nausea according to my surgeon. I asked him if I would start to feel better or is this it until Monday and he says after antibiotics start to work I will gradually feel better but he wants to monitor me cloesly so no chance of going home.

What did I do to myself, there is no changing it now so I guess I can only move forward from here and hope and pray things will get better soon. Spent my thanksgiving in the hospital, only patient on the floor so that made it even more lonely.

Please say a prayer for me that things turn out ok!!
on 11/25/10 8:53 am
I dont do a lot of praying, but you have what I do.... I hope you get well soon!
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on 11/25/10 9:17 am - MI
m2a. im sooooooo sorry your going threw this after everything you have already endeared, it sounds as if after everything thats happened to you that when you do get feeling better[WHICH YOU WILL SOON] that your family treat you like a queen, and do something that will make things in your life alittle smoothier, you deserve of luck on monday.......tracy.
on 11/25/10 9:18 am - Houston, TX
I will be praying for complete healing, sanity, calmness and for your body to respond to the plan of action that your Dr. has planned.  Thanks you for posting.  Be brave and a fighter!  So sorry you are going through all of this.
Blessings to you,
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tammy K.
on 11/25/10 9:59 am - calgary, Canada
hey thanks for letting us know, you take care of yourself... happy you are somewhere safe.. and you will be feeling better before you know it... prays going up for you now.... tammy the angels will be close to you ...
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on 11/25/10 10:43 am - Kodak, TN
VSG on 12/13/10 with
omg hang in there and I'm so sorry this happened to you ! It can and will be fixed, and it will get better with time.  Please keep us posted, we are all here for you
on 11/25/10 10:49 am - MD
So sorry to hear that you have a leak, I didn't realize they happened this far out.  I guess I knew it was possible but  the last time frame I had heard was a leak at 3 weeks out.  I will keep you in my prayers.  Please don't feel alone, all of your fellow sleevers are there with you in spirit.  Hopefully soon you  will be all healed up & can look back at this time as a bump in the road. 

God Bless & Get Well Soon

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on 11/25/10 10:59 am - FL
 Sending you warm, fuzzy, postive, healing thoughts!!!  
on 11/25/10 11:40 am
I am so sorry!! I hope they work quickly to repair all problems!
Road Less Travelled
on 11/25/10 11:59 am
VSG on 12/13/10 with
oh you poor thing -- may you be on the mend soon and back to "normal"

prayers and cyber hugs for you!

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