blurry vision after surgery...anyone?

on 12/8/10 12:18 am
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My eyes have always been fine, no trouble seeing at all.  Since surgery on Monday my vision is blurry (small print anyway.  large print ok).  As I'm typing now the words aren't clear. Is this normal?  Anyone?  Thanks.

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on 12/8/10 12:24 am - Houston, TX
odd...... maybe all anesthetics & pain meds? r u dehydrated? u know- - they do tape ur eyes closed during surgery..maybe something 2 do w that... i say increase ur fluids & if doesnt get better in a day or so, call ur dr....
on 12/8/10 12:26 am - Durango, CO
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I had the same thing happen. Not sure what causes it but I have read about others who also had this issue.

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on 12/8/10 12:55 am - Bonner Springs, KS
Little Toto just asked me about this the other day.  I didn't have an issue, but she said she is.
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on 12/8/10 1:23 am - NC
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I had the same problem.  Nurses said it is a common side effect  to the anti nuasea patch my doc has me wearing behind my ear.
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on 12/8/10 1:26 am
 I too am having a much harder time with smaller print than I was before surgery. 

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on 12/8/10 1:30 am
Yes, I had the same issue exactly!! I googled my pain medication for side effects and blurred vision is one of the side effects. I'm off the pain medicine now and vision is back to normal. I was taking Lortab elixer. Call your doctor if you're really concerned, though.
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on 12/8/10 4:43 am - Edgewood, MD
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did they put a lil patch thing behind your ear?? i had one and when i woke up my vision was blurry, the doc took it off and i was fine.
on 12/8/10 4:56 am
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Hi Jodie.  Yes I have a patch behind my ear (actually they placed it on my neck under the ear).  Too afraid to remove it yet.  Thanks for the info.
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on 6/30/13 10:41 am
Had surgery vsg two days ago. Vision is blurry. Took off the nausea patch a few hours ago- still the same.