When did you go back to work?

on 12/11/10 7:12 am - IL
Just curious how long everyone was off work?  I have a desk job and I am actually the Director of HR for a large company. I don't really want anyone to know that I am having VSG so I was hoping to take just a week off.  I have a very high pain tolerance.  I have had both of my hips replaced and was back to work in less than 2 weeks (actually 9 business days).

I realize that I could be out a while if there are complications. I would love to hear how quickly people returned to work.

on 12/11/10 7:21 am - HI
I had surgery on Friday, and was back to work Thursday, and that is only because I had to fly to San Fransisco from Hawaii for my surgery and my doctor made me stay in town until Tuesday. I would have easily went back to work after three days. I'm a psychologist so I have a desk/chair job. It was no biggie for me. I felt ready. Good luck!!!
Phyll H
on 12/11/10 7:23 am - Dayton, OH
VSG on 08/04/08 with
Desk Job too.  went back to work in 7 days after traveling out of state for surgery.

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Jocelyn P.
on 12/11/10 7:42 am - San Antonio, TX
I took 2 weeks off because I thought I might need it. But I could probably have gone back after one week. I have light duty for the next 6 weeks.

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on 12/11/10 8:02 am
 I'm a VP at my Company.  Like you, I didn't want people to know.  I was out of the office for 2 weeks, but the second week I worked from home.  I normally go back really quick but I figured I get one chance at this.  I was really happy I took the two weeks.  Not because of the pain, but just getting into a routine of getting my protein and fluids in.   I told people I was having surgery and that it wasn't serious.
on 12/11/10 8:54 am
I was out of work for 8 days. I have an administrative job but often I walk around the office a lot. Going back, even with the walks, was very easy. It's been four weeks and I am 100% normal with my routine (family, work, school, social). Good luck!
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on 12/11/10 9:32 am - Canada
Surgery on Wed and went back a week and half later on the Monday. Office job here and everything was fine until the end of the week when i saw someone else eating, figured it was time for my clear soup, forgot that i just had drank and OMG felt so bad for next half hour or so.  Please be careful and PAY ATTENTION to time when drinking. Gotta get those drinks in but timing is critical!
on 12/11/10 9:50 am - Menifee, CA
I went back after 1 1/2 weeks only because I am the Office Manager and did not want my work to get too far behind...Did fine, but much to my Drs. dismay!!!
Pam     HW 278/SW 245/CW 184/GW 140          
on 12/11/10 10:32 am - NJ
Had it done on the 6th of December and am going back to work on Monday.
on 12/11/10 1:24 pm
I had surgery on a Tuesday.  Went home from the hospital on Wednesday.  I could have gone back to work on Monday.  Although, I took 2 weeks off and I'm glad I did.  I don't think anyone would be able to tell that I had surgery at all.

Oh...I should add -- I have a sit down desk job, so no heavy lifting, etc.

Good luck!
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