Tylenol PM night before surgery?

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on 1/16/11 2:54 am - Murphysboro, IL
My surgery is in the morning at 8:30 am!!  So excited.  I have to be there at 6:30, which means I have to leave my house by 5:30.  So, I'll need to wake up between 4-4:30 to get a shower and last minute things together.  I normally go to bed about 10, but thinking I might want to go a little earlier.  Between needing the sleep and nerves, does anyone know if it's okay to take Tylenol PM the night before surgery?  I'm not supposed to have anything to eat or drink after midnight, so  I should be okay on the time frame.
on 1/16/11 3:12 am - West Minneapolis Suburbs, MN
I was told not to take Tylenol for 2 days pre-op. You can call and ask your doctors, look at your pre-op literature again. I was allowed benadryl the night before because it helps me sleep ( its the same sleepy med in Tylenol PM). Ask first, the last thing you want is to delay your surgery because of something like this.
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on 1/16/11 3:32 am - Murphysboro, IL
Thanks for your reply.  I have a booklet of instructions, but it says nothing about Tylenol or Benadryl.  It says no NSAIDS, but nothing about Tylenol.  My doctor's office isn't open today so hoping I could find some info here.
on 1/16/11 5:17 am - NJ
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 Hey good luck tomorrow!  Try to relax as best as you can.  You should try and hydrate today as much as possible - give the ol kidneys a  good flush.  Maybe have some tea before bed tonight -decaf of course.  Give us a shout when you feel up to it!  Stay positive!  Holly
on 1/16/11 6:13 am - fort worth, TX
RNY on 07/11/16
i really wouldnt worry about sleeping tonight trust me when you get admited they will have u hooked up dosed out and u wont know what hit you ..you will get all the sleep you wan.t the excitement wont allow the tylenol to work anyway just relax set your alarm it will be morn before u know it
on 1/16/11 6:32 am - Grove City, OH
If you need something to help you sleep, take Melatonin. I was told no pain killers of any kind for a week before, but the anesthesiologist stated that it was OK to take Melatonin because our body produces it naturally. I take the 1mg sublingual, and I sleep like a baby. It knocks me out when I need it, no groggy feeling in the morning. Good luck dear!!!
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on 1/16/11 7:00 am
My doc said I could use up to 4grams (8 extra strength) a day. I took Tylenol PM's the night before and as soon as I got home. 
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