Benadryl post-op?

Disappearing Me
on 1/27/11 8:49 am - Murphysboro, IL
I'm 11 days post-op and wondering about liquid benadryl?  The handbook I got from my surgeon said that cold medicines are okay as long as they don't contain NSAIDS and I was okay'd for Claritin (though my season allergies haven't sparked up yet.)  I wanted to take it to help me sleep (Claritin is non-drowsy but Benadryl puts me out.)
on 1/27/11 8:54 am - Dallas, TX
VSG on 12/28/10 with
I drank Benadryl for the first 2 weeks and was approved my the PA in my surgeons office.  You probably want to call your surgeons office and get approval if you aren't sure
Amy  (HW: 232  SW:223 / CW:183 / GW:140    Ht:5'4)
on 1/27/11 8:55 am - GA
Hi Disappearing... Is the trouble sleeping related to your surgery? 
Disappearing Me
on 1/27/11 9:49 am - Murphysboro, IL
I think it probably is related to my surgery.  I go to bed about 10, but wake up between 3-4 and can't get back to sleep.  My sleeping has improved in the last few days, I was having a really hard time getting comfortable.  Now I'm just waking up and can not get back to sleep for anything. 
on 1/27/11 11:22 am - Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
VSG on 12/16/10 with
I took Benadryl 2 days post op as I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics.  My surgeon told me to take it.  Of course check with yours.
If you are having trouble sleeping what about gravol?  It knocks me out.
I have the opposite problem, I want to sleep all the time.  I am having my labs done next week.
Good luck!

Georgia C.
on 1/27/11 11:46 am
VSG on 01/12/11 with
 This is funny because I had been taking over the counter sleeping pills prior to surgery.  When I asked my doctor if I could take them because I wasn't sleeping and I told him what was in them he said that's Benadryl! Who would of known?

They suggested I take Melatonim which is a herb to help me sleep and it has worked great!

Good luck to you!
on 1/27/11 11:51 am - West Minneapolis Suburbs, MN
I was allowed to take Benadryl the night before and the night of my surgery. I use it nearly every night to sleep.
on 1/28/11 7:28 am - Southern, CA
VSG on 01/31/11 with
Hi Lisa, I was at a required class last night that my surgeon instructs to prepare all of us together who are nearing our wls date. He told us that from now on only allow chewable, liquid or pills smaller than 8mm into our mouths and to always inform Drs of this who are writing our prescriptions in the future. Well anyways, this one lady raised her hand and asked what kind of allergy meds he would consider ok after surgery and guess what one he said first......thats right Benadryl was one of two he said would be fine. Liquid Benadryl that is. Of course that's my Dr's professional take on it, don't know what yours would have you take.
Sure hope you get some good sleep though. Nighty night to you  
My list of instructions looks like this...
No NSAIDS  at all after wls
No steroids or immunosupprssants for 6 weeks after wls
No HRT for 6 weeks after wls
No oral contraceptives at all after wls...use patch or injection only
No smoking
No Pregancy till after 2 years
*Hugs* Missy

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Disappearing Me
on 1/28/11 9:33 am - Murphysboro, IL
Thank you all so much for your replies!  I did get ahold of my surgeon's office and they gave Benadryl the okay!