Tattoos Anyone ????

on 2/4/11 8:09 am - NY
Well I just got my surgery time for Monday Feb 7. Im excited and nervous but I know this is the right choice for myself. I am just wondering if anyone had tattoos prior to surgery ? If so, did you notice a change in how they look after you started to lose all the weight ?

I got alot of tattoos on both m y arms and I am starting to get nervous on how they might look after surgery. I dont want them to sag or look distorted in anyway. They cost me alot of money and define how I feel through out my life and have very important meanings to me. I want to know if anyone had any issues with their tattoos looking different ? losing shape ?  If so is there anything that maybe you did to keep them in original condition ? Weird question I know, but I have big arms and once I lose weight, I  know they may change as well with less of my arm being there. Thanks anyone that can comment on this.
Nicole T.
on 2/4/11 8:13 am
Not sure of the answer to this, but I am curious to know.  I have 5 tattoos, but only two in spots that I am worried about. 
on 2/4/11 8:15 am - Burbank, CA
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i have a full back tattoo.  So far so good but I'm only half way there....
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on 2/4/11 8:17 am

ya, me too Alicia. i have a large one that covers a big portion of my belly, all the way to my pelvis. i'm more worried about loose skin because to have plastic surgery would mean cutting through the tattoo, and perhaps making it irreparable.
on 2/4/11 8:36 am
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I have a few tattoos also. I have been up and down the diet roller coaster and I got all my tattoos when I was on the heavier side. I haven't had a problem with any of them being discolored or wrinkly.
on 2/4/11 9:04 am - Four Corners, NM
on 2/4/11 11:53 pm - NY
That is just to funny lol.  i love it
on 2/4/11 10:07 am - NY
 always loved tattoos (and suicide-girls type look) but I always avoided having them done exactly because I was a yo yo dieter... I wanted to have them in the arms but when I was in chubby phase, I would think "come on this is not for you... what will it look like when you lose the weight?"

so I stayed with only 1 only tattoo I did in my early 20s. I may start having a few more when I reach goal ;P

somehow I feel the difference if you lose the weight after doing the tattoo will be more on your eyes than others', as you know how it should look... the change is probably not that dramatic.


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on 2/4/11 11:16 am - Albany, OR
Kinda of a funny coincidence, my husband commented this morning that my tattoo was shrinking :)  It's on my back, so not sure how arms would be, but mine looks the same only smaller ?


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on 2/4/11 11:18 am - CA
 I think it really depends on where on your arms and how much weight you have to lose. Ive been up and down when I got mine done. From 170 - 275 and at the lowest 170 they all looked the same but I only have one on my upper arms the rest are on my lower which were never too big. I do have a spiderweb on my elbow I am a bit worried about as it connects with my fatty upper arm. THe pin-up girl I have on my upper arm needs a touch up anyway so ill probably do that when Im done with all the weightloss. I have waited to do the insides of my upper arms till I get my weight down. I cant wait!
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