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Food doesn't taste good anymore & it's a chore to eat it

on 2/14/11 9:24 am - Apopka, FL
I'm a month out today, so maybe in time things will change. But, eating is definitely a chore & nothing tastes the same. 
on 2/14/11 9:27 am
VSG on 10/25/10 with
It will get better. You are just starting to eat regular foods again so it will take some time. If your stomach doesn't like a food now, wait a few weeks and try again. Your tastes should improve with more time.

Lori H.
(deactivated member)
on 2/14/11 9:30 am
Great!  This is the perfect time to eat minimal calories of really healthy protein and lose the maximum amount of weight you can.  Believe me, count your blessings, because things will change and you will remember this as either the time you made it to goal or as a lost opportunity.  Six months later, there will be a change. Enjoy the freedom to learn and make great choices.  I guess what I am really saying in a cheeky way, is this is the honeymoon period, it will never be easier than right now to work your sleeve to the maximum. I hope you totally embrace this and ride to goal.  Take pictures, it goes by so fast.
Margo N.
on 2/14/11 10:19 am
Enjoy it while it lasts! - most likely this too shall pass and then you'll need to relearn good eating choices- because LOTS of stuff will taste great - a blessing and a curse really! Tastes are often different during rapid weight loss because you are in ketosis which can leave kind of a yucky flavour in the mouth.

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