What does Gall Bladder Attack and/or Ulcer Feel Like?

on 3/7/11 1:07 am, edited 3/7/11 1:08 am

Can anyone who has experienced these issues post the symptoms?

I have an appointment scheduled for Wed to figure out what is going on.

I am 8 mths out and have had no issues or bad side effects until last week.  I have had 2 episodes that make me fear either gall stones or ulcer.

Valerie K.
on 3/7/11 1:18 am - Dearborn, MI
 my ulcer made me feel like my stomach was on fire. Now just had GB surgery a week ago and that pain killed. it was on the right side of my body under my rib cage it felt swollen and pains would shoot around to my back some times most of the time the pain shot to my left hand side.

hard to breath some times because the pain was bad. After eating something with fat it killed me. i would get sick throw up. 
My surgeon gave me the tool. Now it is up to me to use it right.
on 3/7/11 1:25 am - rensselaer, NY
it is very painful, right below your chest bone, some time the pain shoots stright through to your back. nothing seems to help, it can come and go or you can have steady nawing pain!
Sabrina R.
on 3/7/11 1:38 am - CA
I had the same symptoms as Monkeysnanny, only about 15 years ago. I had pain on and off and never could figure out what it was. My sister would take me to the ER one night, cause I couldn't stand the pain and no one ever figured out what it was caused from. Last year, they did an ultra sound on my liver, only to find a gallstone, the size of a golf ball. They did another ultra sound last Tueseday for my Sleeve, and the stone is STILL THERE! They said that the surgeon would remove the stone when they do my sleeve surgery.
on 3/8/11 4:10 am
Thanks for the replies.  I strongly suspect it is GB issues.  Will see tomorrow.
on 3/8/11 4:49 am - Four Corners, NM
on 3/7/11 1:17 am
With my gb attacks, I had a radiating pain shoot up into my shoulder/collar bone area after eating. If I ate anything with full fat like salad dressing, or heavy sauces, I would have gas and diarrhea. I ignored, or just figured my symptoms (for 2 months)because I was getting into maintenance and adding more calories, more food selections, more carbs/healthy fats like avocados and nuts which always gave me some sort of symptom. I just thought it was my body kind of freaking out with the new food selections. I was 8 months out when I had my gb removed. Easiest surgery EVER. Once I woke up, I was drinking grape juice and eating teddy graham crackers without pain. I was home an hour after hitting recovery. It was an adjustment with food after gb removal because I had to go low to no fat or I would get that radiating pain in my shoulder, and gas if I wasn't careful. This food issues lasted about 3-4 months. I also had to avoid anything tomato based. It was weird, but my surgeon promised me it would get better, and it did.

With ulcers, my surgeon explained it's a gnawing pain in your stomach, and eating typically makes it feel better, not worse. He also explained that the risk of ulcers with VSG is extremely minimal unless we do things that can cause ulcers such as taking heavy doses of NSAIDS on an empty stomach, and smoking are the big ones.
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