Magic Bullet vs. Ninja

on 3/16/11 8:32 am - TX
Which one is better?  Or, is there something even better that I don't know about?
I looked at my local Walmart, and they only had a Ninja, but will be in the city tomorrow and can get either. 

Melody Deutsch
on 3/16/11 8:38 am - CA
 well I thing the magic bullet is alright, it will make things liquid for you, but the best on the market is the Health Master, its just have to shop around and read. hope this helps  Melody(grapepony52)
on 3/16/11 8:41 am - China Grove, NC
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I have the bullet and it is ok. It pulverizes everything lol. Or maybe I do ! Could be operater error. I got mine at wally world and it is a great blender I am just thinking I do not know how to work it yet. There are several techniques you use to chop , dice etc . I have not had any success with those yet. I am gonna keep on exploring with it though. I can make some mean gaucamole and hummus in it. ;D

charmaine A.
on 3/16/11 9:19 am - MI
i have both and i love my ninja!
Best of Luck, Charmaine
on 3/16/11 9:20 am - LA
I purchased the Ninja 1100, its wonderful..and its strong blender. Its 4 into one blender, mixer, processor, ice cream maker and also make dough.. It belnds my shake up just like smoothie king or better.
on 3/16/11 9:27 am - Findlay, OH
I've had my Magic Bullet for a few years now. I would not spend over $100 on a Ninja unless you plan to use it for alot of other things. The Bullet worked just fine for me and costs $44 for the whole set at Wal Mart.

At one and a half months out, I'm not using the Bullet for much anymore.

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LilySlim Weight loss tickers
on 3/16/11 10:41 am
VSG on 03/01/11 with
ninja is great, easy to clean, and does excellent on the pureed diet
on 3/16/11 1:28 pm
 I have a Ninja prep master ($59.99) from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  I love it!   I made a slushie tonight with shaved ice, grape fruit juice bar, SF Gatorade (purple) and 1 packet of truvia.  It was really good.  I have never seen any blender make shaved ice as well as the Ninja.  My husband said it looked like snow.  I will be using it for the kids snowcones in the summer.  Some posters have said they bought the Ninja at Walmart for around $45.00.  I just didn't look there.  Oh, the Ninja does have a reputation for just pulverizing everything if you aren't careful.  If making chunky salsa, it quickly becomes soupy if you hold the button for very long.   Good luck.  I think the Ninja is worth the money I spent for sure!
on 3/16/11 3:01 pm - Naples, FL
I bought the ninja. Super easy to clean and powerful as heck. Love it !