Can your nose get smaller as you lose weight?

on 3/16/11 4:20 pm
VSG on 01/06/11 with
I swear my nose is getting smaller.  My sunglasses always seem to be slipping down where as they didn't before.

Is this my imagination??
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on 3/16/11 4:28 pm
VSG on 09/30/10 with
I think my nose looks larger!  It is more than likely the fact that you have lost weight on your cheeks and sides of your face which losens up the grip your face had on your glasses. Just my theory. A nose is made of cartilage (I totally slaughtered that spelling), and that doesn't go away that I know of.  However, you could have had fat stored around your nose, making your nose smaller. I guess :)
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Dancin Girl
on 3/16/11 4:40 pm
My Doctor says he thinks I lost a pound in my face...LOL. don't know about the nose but my face shape has definitely gone from round to oval!
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on 3/16/11 8:05 pm
I was thinking that my nose looks smaller, but thought it was my imagination. I recently asked my hubby if he thought my nose was smaller and he agreed. I think it's possible. I mean, my nose was HUGE during my pregnancies and for a couple of weeks after. So I think if it can get bigger, it can definitely get smaller.

on 3/16/11 8:30 pm
I was told that your nose can swell like your fee****er weight on the nose?? dunno.. all I know is when I loose weight my nose looks different than when I am heavier
on 3/17/11 4:27 am
My nose is noticeably thinner, but so is my entire face.
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Mandyplus2 ..
on 3/17/11 4:55 am - GA
Yes your nose will get thinner and your head smaller. I had to have my glasses adjusted 3 times while I was losing weight.
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