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Sleeve and smoking

on 4/27/11 7:19 am - Des Moines, IA
Okay I am trying to get the sleeve done and I am a smoker. I am trying extremely hard to stop and my doctor recommended that I do. I was wondering was there anyone else out there that was a smoker and had to stop before surgery?
Elizabeth M.
on 4/27/11 7:33 am
VSG on 10/04/11 with
yes my doctor told me that i had to quit for him to do the surgery. smoking slows down the healing process. and i am also having a very hard time quiting.
Mrs. Hopeful
on 4/27/11 7:36 am - Des Moines, IA
on 4/27/11 7:39 am - Des Moines, IA
So you still smoke and have had the surgery? Did he do the surgery when you were still a smoker? I am going to try to cut way back and stop completely. But reality says I won't be able to stop cold turkey. I know it slows down the healing process and I am hoping to not be smoking after, but she said she wanted me smoke free 3 months prior to surgery. Did you quit 3 months prior to surgery?
on 4/27/11 7:37 am - Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis
Most doctors require you to stop smoking pre-op. It slows healing and can put you at an increased risk of death from anesthesia/intubation.

I have heard of several docs doing random nicotene tests (think random drug test!) on pre-op folks to make sure they had really stopped.


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on 4/27/11 7:42 am - Des Moines, IA
wow really! but it sounds like the same risk of this surgery is for any surgery in general when it comes to smoking. i had a hysterectomy 6 hours done and was a smoker before and after and had no problems and back at work in 3 days! But I understand what you are saying. I just thought that the risk of being a smoker and this surgery was higher or something. But it just sounds to me that the risk of being a smoker is the same for this surgery and all other surgeries you have. my intentions is to stop so i won't have an issue, but I have had multiple surgeries and have been a smoker and i have done very well. I just thought it was something with the sleeve that was the problem. But i haven't made my mind up on the sleeve surgery at this point. Thanks
on 4/27/11 8:25 am

my surgeon required me to stop 3 months prior. I quit 2 days after he told me, cold turkey no problem because I wanted this VSG SOOOOOOO bad. I got 2 blood tests and 2 urine tests from then up until 15 minutes before surgery. He was very serious. The reason it is different that your hysto done while you were smoking...this is an elective surgery. you are CHOOSING to have this done. Being an overweight/obese population, we already are "high risk" when it comes to anastesia (sp) and smoking just makes it worse. It WILL affect your healing. I got 2 really bad infections because I started smoking right after surgery again. It took me a full 6 weeks to heal when it should have only taken 3 MAX. Your lungs need to be at FULL CAPACITY when you go under anastesia. Stop smoking! This surgery is sooo worth it! My surgeon has canceled on 4 people so far because they did not follow his orders to stop. just will only benefit you.

on 4/27/11 7:44 am, edited 4/27/11 7:44 am - Parkville, MD
 Smoking also greatly increases your risk of blood clots..another possible fatal side of this/any surgery...that is why they have you up and moving so soon post op

edit to add: I know my hospital does test for hospital wants to take on extra screws up their stats if people die! 

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on 4/27/11 7:51 am - Des Moines, IA
Well that is kind of weird. They only test for nicotine for sleeve patients? They don't do that for any other surgery? The risk of blood clots and complications are with any surgery no matter what it is. I had a hysterectomy and had blood clot leggins on for 24 hours. I think that is a surgical risk no matter what the surgery is. I am not defending smoking believe me it is a horrible habit of mine I need to get rid of but I am not seeing the risk of this surgery and smoking being any different then the risk of any surgery in general? I am trying to stop believe me. It is not worth the risk. But testing for nicotine cracks me up! LOL  I am sure there are people that have done drugs or drink alochol do they test for that too? or smoke pot, do they test for that too? LOL  Thanks everyone this is interesting.
on 4/27/11 8:05 am - IA
I am a nurse and x smoker. I cannot stress enough that You CAN NOT!smoke and have this surgery ( really any surgery) It increases the likelyhood of major complications. You should not smoke for a period before( one month?) or after say( three months?) as clots are still a risk. i WOULD NOT RISK IT......
on 4/27/11 2:19 pm - Parkville, MD
 i have no idea if they do it for other surgeries or not...I only know what they told us regarding the this is what your post was speaking to.

and pot and liquor in moderation doesnt have the same negative effects medically speaking as what you are doing to your body smoking cigarettes on a daily basis.

If its important enough to you I guess you will follow the drs orders... 
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on 4/27/11 7:53 am
My doc did a nicotine test pre-op. I'm a social smoker so it wasn't hard for me to quit before surgery. Congrats on your surgery date and Good Luck!

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Father Don
on 4/27/11 7:53 am - Charleston, SC
I do not know how true this is, but was told that smoking will also increase the risk of ulcers after surgery - especially around the suture line.

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on 4/27/11 8:02 am - Des Moines, IA
yes I heard that too, but from what I am seeing the risk of smoking is the same with any surgery. but with any surgery smoking or not there is always a risk of anything happening. thanks everyone. I have not really convinced myself of the surgery yet. i am still going through the process and still doing my research :) 
on 4/27/11 8:04 am
VSG on 04/15/11 with

Yep, I too was told of the bleeding ulcers because of smoking. Your new stomach is small and sensitive. Bleeding ulcers, and blood clots are dangerous and common with the sleeve if you don't follow the rules. My surgeon required I quit 4 weeks prior to surgery. I did. I do miss it. But I did have the sleeve to better my health, so it only seems obvious that I protect my sleeve and myself and continue on this skinny, smokeless journey.

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on 4/27/11 8:05 am - Des Moines, IA
Very well said .. Thank you
on 4/27/11 8:07 am - IA

Who is your Dr. I am also in the Des Moines area?

on 4/27/11 8:10 am - Four Corners, NM
Yeah when I was scoutin for a in CO said...I had to be smoke free for 6 MONTHS prior to surgery. I quit! (thank you commit lozenges!) I needed VSG that bad!   Didn't go with that surgeon...found one in the time I went through the insurance process I was/am A NON-SMOKER! Im also a NON-STINKER! lol

there's lots of tools to help ya quit! they won't work if ya don't use em as intended tho...much like VSG!!   holler away or do a OH forum search.

Here's some info on SMOKING and the effects on the digestive system ...which us altered folk really need to be mindful of!

Easy this for YOU!

on 4/27/11 8:17 am - Des Moines, IA
LOL.. funny :) thanks :)
on 4/27/11 8:26 am
My doctor made me quit before he would schedule surgery.  He said that he would test for nicotine but I don't think he actually did.  (Not sure though) It was really hard and to be honest I did sneak one or two here and there but I am a little more than one week post surgery and I don't even like the taste/smell of a cigarette anymore (thank god).