Will a Doctor cancel Surgery if you have a UTI?

on 5/9/11 1:13 pm - Kenner, LA

 Just wondering if the doctor will cancel surgery if you have a UTI before surgery?  A Buddy of mine is having surgery in the morning, and the hospital wants her to do one more test when she gets there to make sure she does not have one.. When she went to her doctor's it showed up abnormal..

Any advice would be appreciated..


on 5/9/11 1:18 pm - MD
 I'm pretty sure they will cancel if your friend has a UTI. As far as I know, you can't have an active infection during the surgery. 
on 5/9/11 1:19 pm, edited 5/9/11 1:21 pm
Sorry, what is a UTI please?

Oh, I see.... I agree that would delay surgery. I was told any infections would have to be cleared up before, if I caught one.
Turns out the cold I caught right after getting home turned into a serious case of pneumonia, so I think your friend would be safer heading into surgery healthy.
Hope all goes well....now or later.
on 5/9/11 1:20 pm - Parkville, MD
Urinary tract infectiion...I hope not...bc I get them all the time...soon as one leave I get anuva...
on 5/9/11 1:24 pm - Kenner, LA
Thank you guys for your responses.. I will let my friend know...


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on 5/9/11 1:28 pm
They will cancel a surgery if you have an infection. They do this so if you get a fever, they don't have to wonder if it's from the original infection or if you're getting an infection from the surgery.

Danielle K.
on 5/9/11 1:35 pm - Evart, MI
I suppose it could be different with VSG and I didn't have an infection.  But I know from being a nurse they do surgery all the time when people have UTI's.  They just start them on antibiotic's pre op. 
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on 5/9/11 1:42 pm - Parkville, MD
Good...I work with people thats on vanc and cipro all the time and they get surgeries...not to mention foleys cause utis...
on 9/24/14 8:40 am

I have UTI can i still have my surgery if im taking my medication for it?

on 5/9/11 1:37 pm - Kenner, LA
Thank you ALL.. It is something good to know.. I let my friend know, and she will know in the morning after she gets to the hospital and has the test done..

I looked in the search before sking the question and all I could find was after the surgery.. I know that in my Micro class I took last semester our teacher told us about how catheters case a lot of UTIs..

Thank you all again for your help for my friend.. Pleaes keep her in your thoughts that she will not have one, so she can start her new journey tomorrow, with her sleeve..

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