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adding protein powder to coffee?

on 5/23/11 7:31 am
Hello, how do you add protein powder to your coffee?  I added it to cold coffee, stired it up until I thought it was mixed then microwaved it.  Now, apparently you don't have to microwave it as long as black coffee because it spilled over.  After cleaning up my mess, I added cream and I noticed it was clumpy.  YUCK.  Was it clumpy because of the protein powder or the creamer? 

How do you mix protein powder to your coffee?

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on 5/23/11 7:35 am
i would do the opposite.  add the coffee to protein powder.
on 5/23/11 8:03 am - CO
It's turning clumpy because of the temp of the coffee. Protein powder will clump up if its hotter than 130 degrees. It's kind of an exact took me awhile, but I have it down pat now. I do half a scoop of vanila protein powder and 1 tablespoon of the Coffeemate sugar free french vanilla, mix those two together until it turns into a paste. Then I add my coffee (about a 1/4 of a cup, stir really well (you have to also get your spoon and push and crush the powder on the side of your cup to mix it up well....then I add remining coffee, stir again. Sometimes you may have a little protein poweder floating on top, but just sifen that off with your spoon. AFter a few tries, you will get it....but it's one easy way for me to get 11-12 grams of protein (and 12 oz of liquid) with my cup of joe first thing in the morning! Just remember, don't put your coffee in there piping hot or it will clump up to no end! You can microwave the coffee again after you have it mixed well (for some reason, once it's mixed in like I suggested above, it won't clump anymore).
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on 5/23/11 8:11 am
VSG on 04/12/11 with
I have a "protein latte" that packs 23g of protein every morning for breakfast and it's delish!

To make it I use my magic bullet to blend 1 scoop of vanilla Max Protein, 1 sachet of decaf Starbucks Via instant coffee, 1/4 cup of unsweetened soy or coconut milk. It mixes well and becomes nicely frothed.

Then I just add boiling water to the mixture. It's creamy, frothy and sort of sweet - just like a vanilla latte.
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on 5/23/11 8:34 am
I thought it would be real easy to do, but it apparently is way harder.  I will give your suggestions a try.  My only other thought is, should I just add it to cold items, like cold drinks?  or yogurt? 

Man, I thought that this would of worked and I could get that punch of protien in the morning.
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Ms Shell
on 5/23/11 9:12 am - Hawthorne, CA
I actually just have a favorite liquid protein that I add to coffee

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on 5/23/11 9:46 am
VSG on 02/01/11 with
Me too! I did an iced coffee yesterday with EAS pre mixed chocolate added. It was awesome!


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on 5/23/11 10:12 am - Flagstaff, AZ
I go for the Frappiccino idea without the cost. 8 oz of 1% milk. 1-2 scoops of vanilla protein powder. 1 packet equal. 1 packet of nestles instant decaf coffee. and a handful of ice cubes. Blend and enjoy. So yummy.
on 5/23/11 10:17 am - MN
Start COLD.

Here's what I do - I use Chike protein powder and 10 oz. cold water in my shaker bottle. Add an additional 1/2 scoop of Unjury Vanilla or Chocolate.  Add a packet of Starbucks instant coffee. Shake it up. Pour it into my coffee mug. Heat for 1 min. 22 seconds. Stir with spoon. Drink. 

If you heat protein powder over 130 degrees, I think it is, it will clump up have an unpleasant consistency.

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(deactivated member)
on 5/23/11 10:19 am - CA
VSG on 03/24/11 with
I make my pot of coffee as usual. I pour my fat free creamer into the cup and add protein powder to it and vigorously stir it until its as incorporated as possible. Then I pour my hot coffee over that and stir some more. No lumps!! I believe it's because the cream is cold and the coffee is hot, they even out each other.
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on 5/23/11 10:23 am - Newnan, GA
VSG on 05/04/09 with

I make my coffee warm. I mix my protien powder with my almond milk (not warm).  Then I take, like a 1/3 cup scooper (I only say 1/3 cup, cuz that's how much almond milk I use, so its available) of the warm coffee and put it into while stirring the cold mixture.  This "tempers" the cold mixture, then another, mix, and then just pour the now, lukewarmy mixture into the hot coffee.

Nuking wtih protein in it has always made for overflow mess and concrete cleanup in my nukerowave! 

on 5/23/11 10:26 am - AR
VSG on 11/17/07 with
First make a pot of coffee.  Then, in a cup, mix a little water and your protein powder.  When it is mixed very well, add the hot coffee.  Otherwise, CLUMP CITY!!! 

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on 5/23/11 10:29 am
You guys are the best! 

We don't like those microwave messes do we? :) thanks again!
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Goal 2: 175
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Margo N.
on 5/23/11 10:37 am, edited 5/23/11 10:39 am
VSG on 02/15/10 with
If you heat protein powder too much it will cook and clump and generally be horrible. (Think of the difference between raw and cooked egg white.)

If you start with cold coffee, stir in the protein powder, and heat for 30 seconds at a time, stirring well after each 30 seconds - usually takes me 1 - 1.5 minutes to heat a large mug, and sometimes I still overcook and have to strain it out and start again.

What I usually do is mix 1.5 scoops of chocolate protein powder with a couple ounces of almond milk and a shot or two of sugar free Torani syrup - mix it well into a slurry, then pour in the hot coffee, stirring well as I pour. This pretty much always works without clumping.

When I will be getting my coffee while out, I bring my thermos mug already prepped with the prestirred protein / almond milk / syrup mixture and STRESS to the barista that my mug should NOT be rinsed as it has protein powder in it. Once in a while they still screw it up and dump out the protein - leaving me REALLY aggravated (and hungry!)!

I have 1 or 2 of these a day  and LOOOVE my protein coffee!!!

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(deactivated member)
on 5/23/11 1:57 pm
I cannot drink coffee that is not piping hot.  I add the protein to the hot coffee and use a mini wisk to get the lumps out.  I have never had a problem with it. I use Desert brand protein and its sooooo good.
on 5/24/11 2:23 pm
I mix a scoop of chocolate protein powder with 1/2 cup sugar free chocolate milk in my magic bullet.  Then I take my hot coffee, heat it up a little more in the microwave, add the chocolate protein mix to the coffee and stir.  It comes out like a mocha, frothy, well mixed, hot and delicious.

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