Frozen meals for bariatric patients

on 5/29/11 11:44 am - NC
I'm hoping that someone can help me with a website.  I saw on here back in February a website that makes pizzas, lasagna and other foods for bariatric patients that have high amounts of protein.  I wrote it down but for the life of me I can't find it anywhere.  I remember that there was a minimum amount that you had to order and that they did sampler packages.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



on 5/29/11 12:21 pm
This is one I've used/ordered/eaten:
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on 5/29/11 12:54 pm - NC
Thank you soooo much.  This was the site I was thinking about.  How did you like the food?  Which one's do you recommend?

Thanks again!

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on 5/29/11 1:09 pm
I loved their Pizzas and the Parma Bake, everything else not so much.  But the Pizzas are soooo worth it.  I could only eat 1/2 at a time.  I loved them all.
on 5/29/11 11:22 pm
The pizzas and parma bake just like Elina. All the others were "ehh not my thing".
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SW 270lbs GW 150lbs CW Losing Pregancy Weight Maintenance goal W 125-130lbs

on 5/29/11 12:26 pm
 Watch the sodium on the frozen meals, but the Smart Choice...Santa Fe Chicken is the one I eat....low carb, low cal, high makes almost three meals for me hahaa ood/weigh****chers/smart-ones-chicken-santa-fe/  :)...jus****ched the SODIUM!!!

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xoxo <3 Amanda

on 5/29/11 12:57 pm - NC
Thanks Amanda,
I haven't tried any of the smart one's  yet, but with the Healthy Choice meals it normally does make about 3 meals for me too, lol.  I will have to check out the Santa Fe Chicken.

Heidi V.
on 5/29/11 1:00 pm - Dollard-des-Ormeaux, Canada
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Hmmmm...I think that would be something to look into when I don't feel like cooking for myself...thanks!!

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on 5/29/11 4:26 pm
 oh the pizzas are delicious! i won't's not a big hearty slice of papa john's pizza...but they absolutely hit the spot and are worth it.  i don't buy them in major bulk online..and buy it locally so it's like 5.25 a pizza...and i still buy them by the dozen!   my favorites so far are the sei (i think that's the pesto one) and the siete (i think that's the mexican one..) i have heard the breakfast one is pretty tasty..

let me know which ones you try and which ones you recommend!