How can I ramp up the weight loss????

on 6/1/11 11:29 pm - NJ
I am almost 6 months out and I have lost almost 80 pounds but it has the weight loss has really slowed down.  i still have another 50 pounds or more to go.  Are there any suggestions as to how I can rev up the engine.  Watching carb and protein and trying to exercise more.  Anyhting else that has helped?

on 6/2/11 12:20 am - Ashburn, VA
I am in the same boat. I noticed that now I have to really watch my calories and exercise. The other thing that I realized is that I was falling into an old habit of not eating regularly. Last week I started back into eating 3 meals a day and protein drink in between, and it worked almost instantly. I started feeling hungry, which I havent done in a while and have lost 2 pounds already.

Try evaluating what your doing different than you did 4 or so months ago when you were losing weight, and see if you can pinpoint things. Are you eating healthy, skipping sweets, etc? You will be able to figure it out =)

Good Luck!!

George B.
on 6/2/11 12:57 am - Miami, FL
My weight loss slowed down at 6 months post-op and I noticed I had less restriction. I reviewed what I was eating (I track my food on and realized the bulk of my protein was coming from soft sources like protein shakes, cheese, Greek yogurt, beans.

I changed to dense protein, mainly tender beef and seafood, and saw my weight loss resume and felt a lot of restriction. Dense protein fills you up with a small amount and keeps you full longer. I can eat 8 oz. of Lentil soup with no problem but 4 oz. of steak fills me right up.

Limiting my carbs to less than 40 grams per day was also instrumental for my continued weight loss. When my carbs got too high my weight loss slowed.

Review what you are eating and make appropriate adjustments. Cut out slider foods like bread, rice, potato, chips, carbs in general. You can eat slider foods all day long and feel no restriction.

Dense protein and regular physical activity were responsible for me reaching my weight loss goal and maintaining.

(deactivated member)
on 6/2/11 1:30 am
What George said.  That is what I did as well and what my doctor wanted me to do.  It worked.  I don't know how many calories you are eating now, but I hope you are still under 800 with maxim protein and low carbs.
on 6/2/11 2:36 am, edited 6/2/11 2:43 am - Ashburn, VA
George - Thanks for the dense protein tip! I tend to stay away from the "drier" proteins because 2 bites and Im full. (Which sort of is the point!)

I have definitely noticed that my restriction is much less now at 6 mo out. Does it stay about the same as now, or does it get even less? Curious to know what to expect and what to watch out for.

I just checked out the and that is great! It gives you calories, fiber, etc. Thanks!!

I love this board - Everyone is so helpful =)

on 6/2/11 2:55 am - NJ
Thanks for the tips.  I do a protein shake in the morning and if I remeber to eat lunch it is cottage cheese.  I have not touched bread, rice or pasta.  I rarely do fruit except for the occasional banana to get protein.  I sometimes will grab a chip or two but it is rare.  I am going to journal everything i am eating and maybe I need to up my protein and keep it dense.  i will let you all know how I am doing.  i have great restriction and try to keep calories at 600-800.

on 6/2/11 3:58 am, edited 6/2/11 3:58 am - Harbor City, CA
Great thread and thank you all and George for your feedback & experiences.

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