I think my protein drink is giving me bad diarrhea... there, I said it. (Totally a TMI topic)

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on 6/17/11 1:43 am
So I am going on 2 weeks of diarrhea now and it just seems to keep getting worse and worse. I'm constantly gassy and bloated as well and it sounds like World War II is going on in my intestines. I'm looking at what I am eating and supplementing and from what I can tell maybe it's related to my daily protein drink.  I drink Chike protein every morning at about 42g per glass.  It's a 20oz glass and I mix it with water.  I sip on that all morning usually over the course of 2 to 2.5 hours. 

I'm considering dropping my protein supplement for a week to see if it cures the diarrhea.  If that does then at least I have it nailed down.  If I find that it is the protein drink then I guess I will have to change to another form of protein supplement????  I've done some research on-line and it seems that there is a percentage of people that have problems with whey protein.

Has anyone had to switch protein supplements because of diarrhea and have you had better luck with another type?

on 6/17/11 1:49 am
I switched protein drinks this week, and it gave me the big D. It was liquid city for about 2 days, and today I've been fine. (TMI, sorry)
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on 6/17/11 1:57 am
What were you taking and what are you taking now? 

I have to admit that I kind of hope it's not the protein drink I am using now because I like the flavor, but I am going to guess that it is with everything that I have been reading about some people having issues with whey protein.

I'm just not sure if it is the whey, too much protein, or something else.  So for me it's time to troubleshoot the problem.
on 6/17/11 5:06 am
Hey I was doing Champion pure Whey Stack, and thought I'd try the 'walmart' brand.  And for two days it was liquid city with that one.  And I bought the Big 'Ol tube too, so, I gotta use it up.
~ Elena.

on 6/17/11 1:59 am
All the protein drinks I tried sent liquids flying out one end or both....stopped those and all was well...you just have to step up your counting that much more to ensure you are getting enough protein. It is difficult to do. One thing you may try is drinking half at a time as 42 grams is too much at one sitting. Your body won't use all of that protein and it can cause adverse reactions like this. Try drinking half, then the second half after waiting atleast an hour.
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on 6/17/11 2:05 am
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Hi Bear!

No harm is experimenting and switching proteins.  We are lucky to have so many types readily available to us.  Just don't stop.

Research your protein - here's a start:  http://www.dietivity.com/types-of-protein-supplements/

Good luck,

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on 6/17/11 2:25 am
It may not be the whey- it could just be that particular shake.. I have this issue with Cytomax.. but other whey drinks- even other clear ones- no problem, don't know what causes it- but I now know my personal cure for constipation!! Give it up for a couple till your guts stop rolling and try a diff one. 
on 6/17/11 2:56 am - Portland, OR
Change protein, try something different and try a little less grams you have the whole day to get to your 100 grams.  I use Unjury it's a medical quality protein, it's 20 grams a scoop.  It's the only protein I found that has unflavored so if i mix it with tomato soup it taste like tomato soup not vanilla tomato soup, they also have a chicken soup protein that I mixed with chicken broth or veggie broth that taste great.  Go online and check them out.  I also use Premier Protein, it's ready to drink and it's 30 grams for 11oz. I get it at Costco
on 6/17/11 3:21 am
I am intolerant of soy.  Many protein shakes have soy.  I usually stick to whey protein which is a byproduct of milk.  Most whey protein shakes have soy lethicin which doesnt seem to bother me but I know people it does.  If you are lactose intolerant the whey may be a problem.  Otherwise you may be reacting to the soy.  I would go to a health food store that sell samples of different shakes in packets and buy a few different ones to see what bothers you and what doesnt.
on 6/17/11 4:26 am
I had zero issues with whey protein with my band. However, I developed a whey intolerance post-VSG, and at 2 years out, I still can NOT drink whey protein isolate or concentrate in any form.

Coupled with lactose intolerance early out, protein drinks were impossible. I tried soy proteins, and they just taste horrific, and/or the texture was repulsive.
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