Pooping after surgery???

Val G.
on 6/24/11 1:46 am - NV
When does it happen?!?!?  I had surgery on Monday and nothing has happened... little frustrating!  

Thanks guys!   

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on 6/24/11 1:52 am
 It took about 6 days for me.  But be careful, I thought i had gas and it turned out to be very runny diarrhea and I wasn't sitting on the toilet when this happened.  Sorry to be so graphic, but it is something you need to be aware off.
Val G.
on 6/24/11 1:53 am - NV
 OMG!  Thanks for the heads up!!!

"Turns out is not where but who you're with that really matters!"  
~ Dave Matthews

(deactivated member)
on 6/24/11 1:58 am
Yeah, it took me 4 days, then the runs till I started mushies.. fun times!
on 6/24/11 1:59 am - Durango, CO
VSG on 06/08/10 with
Yeah, pooping is an adventure after surgery - you never know what you're going to get! ha! In the beginning its liquids in liquids out. Then as solids are introduced you may become "poop challenged"!  ;-)

Bichon Mom2 Oval Sticker

on 6/24/11 2:10 am - NJ
I also had my surgery and got nothing yet... does it hurt at all, any pressure on the incisions, when you do eventually go?
on 6/24/11 2:19 am, edited 6/24/11 2:19 am
VSG on 03/17/11 with
NO...see all the 'never trust a fart' quotes. Meaning, that's all there is to it. You think, "oh, gotta poot."..EEEEEK UH ooooohhhhhNNNOOOO!!!!
Let's see...you are on day 5, it's time to start getting on the throne before pasing gas. You have been warned.
I would advise once this stage is over go ahead and start some fiber therapy, so you aren't constantly stopped up.
on 6/24/11 2:15 am - Washingtonville, PA
It took me about a week. Even now I am going a lot less than I use to. But I agree with Gee60, dont ever trust a fart! lol.
on 6/24/11 2:19 am - TX
The docs all seem very nonchalant about how long it takes to get going after surgery.  My advice is not to let it get much beyond 5 days or you're gonna have a real problem.  By then, your gut should be awake from the anesthesia and, even on an all liquid diet, you still need to poop.  Take some milk of magnesia to get things going then start dosing your self with your fiber of choice to keep things regular. (Note:  fiber helps with both diarrhea and constipation)  For most of us, things normalize after we're on regular food.
on 6/24/11 2:34 am
For the fiber seekers...for what its worth I've been taking an her al all natural laxative called swiss kriss...works wonders and doesn't leave u feeling bloated. You will have a moving experience in the morning if u take 2-3 pills at night. They also make it in loose leaf form for the tea drinkers. Walgreens sells the pills, n u can check online thru amazon or somewhere like that. Good luck!
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