What does status pended mean?

on 7/6/11 10:30 am
My doc put in for approval on Monday and my insurance website had been showing since yesterday status pended I looked it up and some places online says that means they require more info? I am going to call in the morning does anyone know what it means ??
on 7/6/11 10:37 am - SAN PABLO, CA
Well the good news is that they got it, sometimes it can take a couple of days and pending means they haven't made a decision,
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Jenns Livin free
on 7/6/11 11:13 am
Mine pended for almost two weeks before I got approval.  Trust me, I checked that puppy everyday!  If it makes you feel better, call; however, I would say that it just means they got it and are processing it. 
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Paige V.
on 7/6/11 11:16 am - Gainesville, FL
wow, I dont think my insurance has a site to check it! lol..thats pretty cool.

Yes, I would take that to me that no decision has been made but they have received the paperwork!
on 7/6/11 11:18 am
Thanks I thought it meant pending but it said pended and when I looked that up online some people said it might mean they needed more info. I had my band out on 3-21 after 8 yrs and did not do the 6 month diet required by my insurance because I was told if you had WLS before you didnt have to do it so I am on pins and needles and trying to tell myself if they deny it I can fight and either way they have to approve it in October. But as of now I am tentative for 7-25 or 8-1.
on 7/6/11 12:30 pm - Lincoln, NE
Quite often with insurance companies one end does not know what the other end is doing. DO stay on top of it anc keep checking until you get a definite date.
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