Need help finding gummy multivitamin with iron

Ms. Poker Face
on 7/14/11 2:16 am
I am looking for a gummy multivitamin with iron and I can't seem to find one!!  Any suggestions, preferably ones that taste good, too?

Thanks in advance!


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on 7/14/11 2:18 am
VSG on 02/08/11 with
try walmart/ cvs i found mine there


Ms. Poker Face
on 7/14/11 2:23 am
Thanks Kilana.  I looked there but none of the gummy's have iron (at least at my locations).  Bummer...


5'5"    Goal reached, but fighting regain.  Back to Basics.
Start Weight 246    Goal Weight 160    Current Weight 183

Starting size: 22, 2x
Current size: 12, L


on 7/14/11 2:25 am - TX
You should probably find a separate iron pill and take it (along with vitamin C) separate and apart from your other vites.  Iron will not absorb if taken too close to your calcium or any food that has calcium in it.  I dose myself with iron right before bed.
on 7/14/11 2:45 am
VSG on 02/21/12
There are no gummies with iron. You can find chewables with iron though like the flintstones kind for kids. I looked everywhere for them too but a pharmacist eventually told me that. None of the gummies have iron. Good luck! 
on 7/14/11 3:21 am
You need to be taking a better multiV than a gummy...try Centrum. They make a chewable if you can't swallow pills yet.

and as far as iron, as others mentioned, it should be taken separate from your multi and with VitC. It won't be properly absorbed. Make sure to separate it at least 2 hours from your multi and from your calcium as well.

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on 7/14/11 6:56 am - MN
I'll throw my 2 cents in for what it's worth!

I take 2 childrens gummy vitamins...all my vitamins are either chewable or liquid. I tried Centrum and I felt worn out and tired. I just don't think it was disolving well enough to get all it's worth.
I take 2 gummy multi vites...
I take 4 chewy calcium citrate....
I also take a liquid B complex...
I do NOT take cause major gastro issues for me....(horrible constipation)
All of these are daily...

I just had my labs done...the results were phenominal, even the iron, with the exception of
Vitamin D. Most of us Minnesotans are always D deficient...too much Winter!!
I'm not claiming this works for everyone, I just know what works for me!


PS...if you take Thyroid not take them with your vitamins...they can mess each other up!
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on 7/14/11 7:58 am - Lincoln, NE
Agree with emitar. I take gummy vitamins and a separate iron supplement - I'm anemic.
Rich Sonderegger
(deactivated member)
on 4/22/18 5:31 pm

For anyone finding vitamin "D" not being absorbed - try getting a D3+K in order to facilitate better body absorption. I went from several thousand IU's of D-3 with zero showing in blood work but once I began D-3+K, I know stay at "high normal".