6 weeks post op...and now they want my gallbladder!?

on 7/18/11 10:34 am
VSG on 06/06/11 with
So I'm kind of freaking out right now....trying not to, but I am.  I went to my surgeon today for my 6 week checkup and we were talking about this and that.  I told him I was very ill last week...running fever from 100-106°...he didn't like that.  So he was checking out my tummy and I asked him if I was supposed to hurt this bad still....he kinda laughed and reminded me my surgery was just 6 weeks ago..lol...When I pointed to my right ribs his eyes got a little big and he asked me to describe the pain and when it hurts the most....I must have said all the right things, cause he immediately went on point for gallbladder. :(   He wants it out by Wednesday...I told him to calm down a bit...lol...we haven't even done an ultrasound or antyhing....he jokingly said he'd bet me a $1 that it's my gallbladder, I laughed and him and said, how can you be so sure.....big mistake....he poked me right in the right spot and I wanted to punch him in the face...(on a side note, we joke like this, I love the man....for this reason)  

So now, I start the process for gallbladder removal.  I go tomorrow for an ultrasound and probably surgery on Wednesday....

Have any of you guys gone through this?   I'm not too scared about another surgery...it's just that I don't want to feel like I'm restarting on the healing process again...I'm whining, and complaining and being a baby...yes :)  

thanks guys....
on 7/18/11 10:37 am
Sorry (((hugs)))!  Whine away... that's a bummer!  But at least it will be done and over with!!!
sleeve genie
on 7/18/11 11:11 am - Alhambra, CA
I'm so sorry that this is happening to you.  This is fairly common,  they say 30% of Wls patients end up getting the gallbladdar taken out,   did your take the gallbladdar pills?  my doctor gives them to all his patients,  reduces the need for removal from 30% to about 2-3%.  It didn't happen to me but lots of people have gone on to get it removed.  I have heard its not that bad.  I wish you every sucess:o) jeani
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on 7/18/11 11:23 am - Laurel, MD
VSG on 06/01/11 with
Sorry - i had mine out with vsg.  My daughter had hers out last year - you will feel much better with it gone!  Good luck!

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We shall see where this leads...  

Nita G.
on 7/18/11 11:29 am
 I was supposed to have my gallbladder out along with my VSG, as I knew for 20 years that i had gall stones, they just never bothered me. The day of surgery my doc said her partner was against taking the gall bladder, and I just wanted to get the VSG over with, so didn't argue. When I went for my follow up appointment I complained about pain in my back. Next thing I know I'm scheduled for surgery 3 days later. I was glad to get it taken care of, even though I still had pain in my back, so that wasn't even the problem, lol!

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on 7/18/11 12:14 pm
at 3 months post op I had emergency GB surgery.  Never had a GB issue before but all of sudden extreme pain upper right abdoman..went to ER,...they admitted me and did surgery.  The recovery was much easier than the VSG but I was more tired..I think from having 2 surgeries so close together.  But I was glad they took it out rather than me having another GB Attack.

Good luck to you.

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on 7/18/11 12:38 pm
VSG on 06/06/11 with
Thanks guys!  I figured I'd have to have it out one day, and I was even going to talk to my surgeon about taking it out when he did my sleeve....but I didn't...and now I get to have it taken out.  I am glad to hear that the recovery and whatnot isn't as bad as the sleeve....that was my biggest worry!  
on 7/18/11 1:00 pm - NC

I've only been reading this board for about a week but I noticed that many people mentioned having their gallbladders taken out. Does anyone know what is the reason? I'm guessing there's something as a result of having the sleeve that affects the gallbladder perhaps? I'm learning sooo much on this board as I research this procedure. Wednesday evening I'm attending an informational session about the different WLS' at a local hospital with a bariatric surgeon so I can't wait for that to get even more information.

Thanks!  :)

Laurie M.
on 7/18/11 1:35 pm - KS
according to ehow.com

Another common side effect of low calorie dieting is the body's creation of gall stones. Because of the limited calorie intake, there is a decrease in flow and increase of bile, often resulting in gall stones in the gallbladder. These are often too small to be painful, but could cause problems with continued low calorie dieting; thus, medically induced low calorie dieters are encouraged to drink a minimum of 5 liters of water a day.

Read more: The Effects of Rapid Weight Loss | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_5382872_effects-rapid-weight-loss. html#ixzz1SWDYtDIW

usually you will be prescribed urso to break down the bile in the beginning of your weightloss so this does not happen...mine is already gone anyway....lol
on 7/19/11 9:21 am
VSG on 06/06/11 with
WAHOOOO!!!  No surgery for me!   My doc is stumped, but I just don't care.  I'm just excited I don't have to have another surgery!  :)  Thanks guys!
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