pooping after surgery

on 7/30/11 12:38 pm - NY
so i know this is gross, but i am totally concerned with the lack of poop in my life

i had surgery tuesday 7/26 and nothing.  i have been on percocet regularly since surgery and i know that slows down bowels..i even tried an enema to no avail...

how long until i should worry?

on 7/30/11 12:40 pm - NJ
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I was told it could take up to 10 days. I had a bowel movement around day 4
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on 7/30/11 12:41 pm
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Perfectly normal! Suppositories worked almost instantly for me and to get things "flowing" . I'm not crazy about them but was grateful for them when I needed them.
on 7/30/11 1:09 pm - TX
Get colace and a dissolvable fiber (like benefiber) and start taking them.  I know the docs seem very casual about the lack of a BM, but if you let it go too long, you'll really regret it!
on 7/30/11 1:42 pm - MN
My doctor said this is rarely an issue. I asked the question before I left the hospital because I had not had a bowel movement. The response from the physicians assistant was that what I should be more concerned with the exact opposite. Watch out if you feel like you have gas--you may get a lot more than you bargain for. There were several days that I needed to make sure that I was very close to the bathroom
on 7/30/11 1:51 pm - Granada Hills, CA
You probably haven't eaten anything to poop out...which is why the enema didn't work.

I didn't have a BM for 7 days after surgery (by that point it wasn't a BM, it was a concrete tennis ball..i didnt have any pre-op bowel cleanse..)

I have delt with bad constipation since surgery - my norm now is every 4 days or so. I have to take colace and fiber (i got some gummy fibers and benefiber drink packets). It helps a little.

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on 7/30/11 2:04 pm
My surgeon suggested a softener, like colase, every day.  If you do that for a few days and still nothing happens, perhaps try some dulcolax too.  You are eating a lot less and it hasn't been too long.  Or, try some milk.  My first glass of milk was like pulling the flusher!  Good luck to you!
on 7/30/11 9:35 pm
It was a number of days, not sure exactly and it sure felt strange....then it was only liquid stool for a while.  It was good to get back to regular.  I think getting off the percocet and sticking with only tylenol may be helpful.  You will have more energy and narcotics slow down your GI tract.
on 7/31/11 2:12 am - IN
I was sleeved 7/13 and have had almost daily squirts if you know what I mean since about 4 days out.  I have had one very tiny, like pinky size stool, since I was sleeved.  Can I say I am soooo glad we have someplace to go and "talk" about this kind of stuff lol.