Protein shakes w/o artificial sweeteners or soy

on 8/11/11 12:25 pm - MI
I personally don't want to use protein shakes long term that contain artificial sweeteners or soy.
Are there any high quality protein shakes without these ingredients that are recommended for pre and post op bariatric patients?
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on 8/11/11 12:29 pm
There are many that are whey isolate (the best) but unless you get an unflavored one, I've not seen one without artificial sweeteners.

I hate them!

Well, I take that back you could do something like Ensure, Boost or Carnation Instant Breakfast but they really don't have that much protein compared to the real protein drinks.

If you find one w/o the fake stuff, please let me know!
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 I am doing my Pre op as well and I got some Bariatric fusion shakes from my Drs office and Oh my they are horrible! It made me sick well into the evening! Please someone help me! I really want this surgery and I want to shrink my liver but I am so new to this and have no one to give me advice on anything. Is there any other shakes I can buy that is better tasting? If so what is the name or what am I looking for? Any other Diet I can do? Thanks for taking the time to read.........
on 8/11/11 1:07 pm
 The only protein powder I like is Beneprotein. It was used in the hospital. It is nothing but whey isolate, no chemicals or flavorings. Once a day, I mix 4 scoops (24gm) with a cup of brewed decaf coffee and 1% milk, with a splash of cream, over ice. Like the best iced coffee ever.

I also use it in smoothies with milk and frozen fruit. It can be mixed with yoghurt or in any dish, as long as the temperature is 130 F. or less. One scoop adds 6gm protein to anything.

I can only get it on the internet. Usually $10-11 per can. It also comes in packets to carry for travel and during the day. I figure it is part of my diet for the rest of my life to assure I am getting enough protein. 

Even 8 months out, I have trouble with dense meat and fish.
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on 8/11/11 1:20 pm
Does the Beneprotein have a taste? I have tried Unjury and Designer Whey unflavored proteins and think they taste like paste. Wondering if the Beneprotein has a taste?
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on 8/12/11 1:52 am
 I never mix it with water. If I want a plain drink, I use 1% milk as the liquid, then delicious. It does not impart any taste in yoghurt, chili, soups, etc. Each of us have different tasters. I know I cannot tolerate any of the presweetened RTD's or powders. The Unjury unflavored and a few others I tried from Vitalady were awful, too. Beneprotein works for me, but I can't say what you would think it tastes like. The closest description I can give is that it tastes like powdered milk, but not as sweet. It has no aftertaste. 

If you go on Amazon, you can order one can to try it. Best deals are ordering a case of six cans. I think Amazon takes returns, if you hate it.

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on 8/11/11 1:32 pm - Naples, FL
Jay Robb Protein shakes - check em out!


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on 8/11/11 3:32 pm
 Jay Robb and Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey gold NATURAL. Both use stevia. ON is a little more affordable. I like the vanilla but occasionally I wili splurge on a few packets of Jay Robb.
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on 8/11/11 8:32 pm - Woodbridge, VA
To those suggesting whey protein to avoid the soy, the problem I've had is that most powders/shakes, even if they are 100% whey protein for the protein, also contain soy lecithin or soybean oil. Even Jay Robb contains soy lecithin.

I am also on a mission to avoid artificial sweeteners and soy because we want to have a baby, and I want to limit my intake of both while pregnant. I've had no luck finding these qualities in anything other than "unflavored" proteins (which will alway shave the "flavor" of protein).

Of course, I'm also avoiding stevia because I read something about how it can have hormonal side effects. I'm sure it's one of those cases where it only happens if you ingest, like, your entire body weight in stevia daily, but I'd still personally rather limit it instead of consuming it on a daily basis.
on 8/11/11 11:12 pm - MI
Thank you very much for your replies.
Hope more folks will chime in!
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