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stalled weight loss

on 8/13/11 4:52 am - CA

i had my surgery on 7/6/11, 2 weeks checkup i had lost 13 pounds which was a total of 75 pounds since i started my journey to lose weight.  now its been almost 1 month gone by and still at the same weight!  i need to lose 60 pounds more to reach my goal and its not coming off anymore whats going on?  anyone have this problem?
thanks Darla

on 8/13/11 6:00 am - carteret, NJ
i know where you are coming from me too i was sleeved 7/20 and for 2wks nothing
on 8/13/11 7:24 am
Do a search for stalls at the top of the page and you will se that what you are experiencing is very normal.  The vets recommend tracking everything you eat on myfitnesspal and making sure to get your protein and fluids in, while keeping your carbs under 40 - 50.  Good luck.
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on 8/13/11 10:00 am - Fullerton, CA
I'm 5 months out and for the majority of us, this stall happens, with that being said, don't get discouraged. Take measurements, most of us lost inches during our stalls, and also don't be surprised when all of a sudden you hop on the scale one day and you're 5lbs lighter! Keep up the  good eating habits, maybe switch up your normal exercise/eatting routine and throw a few extra calories in for a week and you should see the stall broken (this is what works for me and may or may not work for you)

Good Luck!!!

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on 8/13/11 2:12 pm - TX
I am so glad you posted this!  I had my surgery on 7/5/11, one day before you.  I have lost 22 pounds since surgery.  And, it was all right at the beginning.  I am so frustrated that the scale hasn't moved in a long time. I exercise, follow the protein, and water rules, etc.  I have lost inches but I want the scale to move!  I don't know what else to do!  I can only stomach about 1/4 cup of food when I eat.  I get full so I can't even imagine eating 1/2 cup at this time.  Hopefully our OH friends will tell us something we can learn from/use.  :-)
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