Anyone see Dr Blain Nease in Huntington, WV area

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on 8/30/11 5:44 am - Huntington, WV
Just curious if anyone on here is from my area and had Dr. Nease as your surgeon. Also a ? I keep asking and getting varied answers, does it cause problems short or long term removing the stomach, I know it is probably better than what goes on in RNY, and I know first hand that the band did not do what I needed, just like to get some thoughts  I have my VSG one week from tomorrow and am getting more apprehenive as the days go by. I keep thinking what if God thinks I made you with a whole stomach not 15% of one, etc, God didn't make me fat and unhealthy either though, my thought processes are all skewed right now I guess.
on 9/13/11 2:55 pm
Hi Karen

Dr Nease is my surgeon too although I have not been approved by my insurance company yet. I am hoping they do approve me. My heart is set on this. I see you are newly sleeved. Congratulations. Your new journey is beginning. Dr. Nease is great. I really like him. He is professional and I can tell he cares for us. Keep me posted. God bless
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on 9/13/11 3:20 pm - Huntington, WV
Hi Ber:
I hope that you get your ins approval soon and can get started. I, too, love Dr. Nease, he is very good at what he does, and I also believe he genuinely cares. Do you live in the Huntington area?  Cabell is a good hospital to have WLS done. I am still too new to the sleeve to have anything to say one way or another, but am very happy to have gotten the lapband out. I pray things start moving quickly for you. Let's keep in touch. God Bless you as well!!
on 9/13/11 8:09 pm
TY for the prayers and support. No, I don't live in Huntington or around it. At times I wish I did b/c it would make travel easier. I live in Vienna, WV, right beside Parkersburg. What was your stay at Cabell like? Was the staff and your room nice? Did your family have a place to sleep? My hubby will be there with me. Hopefully he has a place to lay down. I heard the patient's bed is big. Are you in any pain? Hopefully not.
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on 9/13/11 11:15 pm - Huntington, WV
Wow that is a bit of a drive, but when the time comes I am sure it will be worth it. Cabell is very nice, the bariatric suite there is real nice. There is a couch in the room that folds down into a small bed, which my hubby said was very comfortable. The patient beds are big, but in my opinion, there is no such thing as a comfy hospital bed, lol. The staff that I had was great, you will always run into 1 or 2 nurses that aren't the most chipper, but for the most part, they were great, especially Lawrence, of course my daughter is an RN on the same floor only on the other end of the hospital in med/surg. so she was a big help to me too. I can honestly say that I had much more pain with my lapband surgery than this one, they will put you on a pain pump that you can control the first 24 hours, and usually will send you home on liquid Lortab, I think the sooner you get up and walk, walk, walk, it minimizes the severity and duration of the pain, not to mention, they make you do that anyway. Actually, I have not had to take any pain meds at all after the first 2 days home and I only took it once a day then. I hope some of  this helps, feel free to yell at me with any questions you might have at any time and let me know as soon as you get the "date", it's a real ride, full of ups and downs, at least for me, some days I was so excited I couldn't stand it and other days, well I was scared to death, so hang in there, try to be patient and before you know it we will be sleeve sisters! God Bless!
~Janis ~
on 9/14/11 3:53 am

Hi!  I am a non surgical OHer who has long considered the VSG.  My insurance won't cover and I am concerned about the cost of complications if I self pay. 

I just wanted to say hello to you.  I live just outside of Huntington and it is nice to hear your positive review of Cabell Hospital and Dr. Blain.  Take care and I hope you feel 100% soon.

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on 9/14/11 5:55 am - Huntington, WV
Hi Janis:

I know exactly what you mean; I have been self-pay twice now for the lapband and now VSG. Both times I feared complications, but this time it seemed like I could not get it off my mind at all, I just kept telling my hubby if something terrible were to happen, and I have to go to ICU on a vent just let me go, of course he would just look at me strangely. But, it is a reality that you have to think about, because the costs are astronomical. I do believe that they do everything they possibly can to make sure you have a safe, positive outcome, but ultimately they are not God. Thanks for writing and if I can ever be of any help or answer any questions you might have, just yell. Take care!