How many people regain weight after a VSG?

on 9/8/11 2:23 pm - New Orleans, LA
VSG on 03/21/12
I'm going to be having my surgery soon and I want to know if anyone has regained weight after having a VSG.
I have heard of people gaining weight back after a bypass but never a VSG. So I'm curious.
Please reply.
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Still Fawn
on 9/8/11 2:29 pm - SIERRA MADRE, CA
People can gain their weight back with any surgery- although I think the sleeve is A-MAZING, it is possible to sabotage yourself..

I reached my goal is 6 months and have been there almost 2.5 years now with absolutely no trouble maintaining at all..

 I am still loving life with my sleeve! Been maintaining at or below goal for over 4 years!
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mini_me_ now
on 9/8/11 2:43 pm

Its VERY easy to gain weight after a vsg i recently gained over 20lbs eating the wrong stuff a new found love for sweet stuff, i didnt have before surgery, and a husband bringing me coffee that i should never have been drinking but i drank them so i take the responsibliity.... but i have since taken 18 of them off and only have 3-4 to go

VSG for me is definatly about making the right choices most of the time and having a the odd treat..
others milage may vary.. but  as i have recently proven to myself if i use my sleeve it works. 

My regain would not have mattered what surgery i chose nothing was going to allow me to drink calories in the coffee i had from Dunkin Donuts. or eat the calories in the cakes i was constantly craving..  I  have not had any cakes or the coffee in over 2 months now and so far i dont miss it at all..

So  for me personally the sleeve means a lifestyle change and commitment to stick to it the best i can..

I have no regrets having chosen VSG ... I love my sleeve

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Maintaining Cindy
on 9/8/11 7:05 pm
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Ditto for most of what Linda said!!!  Except my gain was 13 lbs and my nemises was chocolate and other junk food.  And we were eating out and ordering pizza in too much...

We are no longer eating out, there are no unhealthy snacks in the house and no more ordering in pizza.  I just started to behave on Monday and I am down 3 lbs already. 

I absolutely love my sleeve and would not be able to maintian under goals for over 2 years without it.

All the best in your journey,



on 9/8/11 9:55 pm - Decatur, GA
VSG on 08/07/08 with
Junk carbs and sugar!  And grazing ....  It is amazing how many calories I can slug down with soft fatty things -- ice cream, cream cheese, peanut butter, etc.  Not that there is anything wrong with a little bit of those things in moderation, but if I nurse a pint of Ben & Jerry's for an hour, I could probably get the whole thing down.  NOT a good idea.

I had gotten to goal by about a year post-op, then got sick (nothing to do with my weight loss surgery), lost a ton of weight, and in trying to gain it back got back into the junk carbs and sugar.  Now I'm 25+ pounds over goal, and the cravings are back just like pre-op.

As long as I focused on protein first, veggies next, and a few complex carbs if room, I maintained with no effort.  Now I'm fighting the sugar beast again.

It is a great surgery, and I wouldn't trade it for anything, but what I wouldn't give to have never eaten that first bite of junk food a year and a half ago!

Best wishes on your journey :-)

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on 9/8/11 10:02 pm - Newnan, GA
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This is a great place to find out the "whys" of some folks. und/

What I did was found folks who had the surgery I wanted on there, and then came and found them here, and looked in their "latest posts" and went and looked at their history. 

When I saw things about them that were things that were true about ME, then I made a point to learn a way to structure myself to set me up for success.

Its like listening to traffic, if you *know* where the major wrecks are, then you can make a choice to choose a different route. 

Some things sneak up on us, like life squeezing us, death of a someone, loss of a something, but most things that slip us up are predictable, and if/when we are honest about how we have behaved with food in the past, then we can set us up to make different choices in the future.
on 9/9/11 12:19 am
I'm only 7 weeks out and I already know that with my carb sensitivities I will be able to screw this up.  I let my self slip for about 5 days... I stayed accountable, and kept track of calories, never above 1000, but I had things like pretzels (1oz) some cookies, part of a brownie... I actually gained 3 lbs and totally stalled for almost 2 weeks until I detoxed again.  (I know it was also fluid related where I hadn't had carbs in so long).  My carbs made it up to 70-110.

I MUST keep carbs under 40 or I just don't loose weight.  But that's me.

Once I get to goal I'll work on finding my balance... but I know I could totally slip and regain.
on 9/9/11 1:44 am - Alvaton, KY
People can, and they do, regain weight after any form of weight loss surgery.

I could easily blow back up if I let myself.  I love to eat, and there is virtually nothing that was ever alive that I won't eat.

So, I weigh myself every Sunday morning, stark naked, right after i go to the bathroom for the 1st time of the day.  I record that weight in my spiral notebook.

If my weight goes uip over 5 pounds from my baseline (170 pounds in my case), I immediatelly go back on program, with a protein shake for breakfast, one for lunch, and a small dinner.  I stay on that program until I get back to my base weight.

Letting yourself get 20-30-40 pounds higher is silly.  It's a LOT easier to get 5 pounds off than it is 20 or more.  Anyone can lose 5 pounds, right?

Too many people think that weight loss surgery is some kind of Magic, that will automatically cause them to lose all of their excess weight, and then will magically help keep it off.

They discover that it isn't, when they go back to their old, and very bad, habits.

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