New FB group for protein rich recipes! :)

on 11/12/11 6:01 am
 Hi everyone! I just started a group on FB called Roux-en-Y Recipes. I would like for each of you to please come over and post your favorite recipe on there. If you do, please also post the serving size, and nutritional information per serving size. I would love to be able to have hundreds of nutritious recipes appropriate for post-bariatric surgery. I'm TIRED of always eating cheese sticks and protein shakes!  

I look forward to seeing your recipes. or send an email with your recipe to [email protected]

This is NOT just for Roux-en-Y recipes.  Obviously VSG'ers like me or Lap-banders are free to include their recipes too! :)
on 11/12/11 9:57 pm
thanks I justed join will put a recipes on soon
 Start Weight 280     Po op weight 260      Surgery June 23 2011  Month 1 237 (23 lbs) 
Month 2 225 (12 lbs)   Month 3 214 (11 lbs)     Month 4 203(11lbs)  Month 5 197 (6 lbs)

on 11/12/11 10:30 pm
 Fantastic!  I look forward to seeing them! :)
on 11/14/11 5:49 pm - renton, WA
Love your group!