dealing with separation from food

on 11/16/11 3:34 pm
 so on this post op day after surgery I have noticed my head hunger and to be honest I would have never confronted my relationship with food without this surgery it was good I talked to my sister about it she's small and understanding thats who I currently live with her and her boyfriend are pretty active and I'm ready to be able to do all the things I want, run, hike, swim ect... and look they way I want doing it... I know to stay positive and talk with someone when I need too and hit up my support group st least once a month... anyways I'm trying to find things to do when I feel I wanna eat something even though I physically can't right now it's nice to hit up my treadmill or clean my house just to take my mind off of it... anyways thnx for reading 
Ms Shell
on 11/16/11 5:27 pm - Hawthorne, CA
Yeah Head hunger is a ***** to say the least.  Good for you recognizing it and starting to put things in play to deal with it.  

Ms Shell

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Dailey, I had food issues early on, but soon realized it was as much my body getting mixed signals from healing, hormones and the metabolic changes happening.  As soon as I put my program allowed food in my mouth, I realized I hadn't missed as much as I thought.

With that said, I still have a hard time going to Target and smelling the popcorn.  My stomach growls and I don't think that has anything to do with head hunger, just an ill formed habit that trained my tummy to want.  It got much better after a couple more visits.  Just had to learn my own way of defeating it and it isn't always easy.

Good luck with finding your way, but whatever you do, don't go shopping to cope (I'm going broke, lol).

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on 11/16/11 11:51 pm
VSG on 09/13/11 with
That first week post-op when I was on clear liquids was a killer!  I had already addressed a lot of my eating issues, but eating NO food at all caused constant, intense head hunger.  When I got to advance my diet to "as tolerated" at one week out, those few tablespoons of refried beans tasted better than anything I'd ever eaten.

Once you can start eating, it all gets better.  Hang in there!  You have a great attitude.
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