Ramblings & size 14 jeans!

Susan M.
on 11/16/11 10:30 pm

A  "wooohooo" moment and an "Aha" moment from yesterday. 

I returned two pair of size 16 jeans....to get the size 14! LOVE! I cannot believe how wonderful it is to shop on the OTHER side of the store. You know, the one that doesn't say PLUS size!! 

On the flip side of things, I felt like I ate like a pig yesterday.  I ate what I wanted instead of what I should've.  After entering my food into sparkpeople.com I have mixed feelings about what I am eating.  Here's what I had:  1 scoop protein powder with my coffee, 3 links turkey sausage & 1 egg, a McD southern chicken sandwich, 4 oz chicken breast & 1 c carrots.  Snacks were 2 Snackwells devils food cookies, a handful of pistachios, and a small apple with TOO MUCH peanut butter! 

The good:  turkey sausage instead of high fat meat, only the filling from the chicken wet burritos I made for my family, somewhat "healthy" cookies instead of the real thing...and only two instead of eight, lol!, a handful of pistachios instead of handfulS. 

The bad:  obviously the McD chicken sandwich.  But I was shopping (I know there are healthier choices) and it sounded soooooo good. Hadn't had one in ages.  Peanut butter! My downfall. I had probably 3 T slathered on my apple slices. Yes, I like a little apple with my pb, lol! I need to stop buying peanut butter. I do buy almond butter at the health food store sometimes. I need to compare the statistics and see if I'd be better off having almond butter as a staple in my house instead of pb.  Almond butter doesn't go down as smooooooth as pb, so I do spoon less of it onto my snack plate. 

Observations:  Even though I was at 1400 cals, I still ate wayyyyy less than pre-surgery noshes.  For breakfast I used to eat an entire plate of hash browns and eggs covered in sausage gravy, or a huge bowl of oatmeal with butter & brown sugar.  McDonald's could've been a big mac AND chicken nuggets, and then I might've driven thru Arby's to get the tater cakes too.  The supper I made for my family previously would've also been laden with spanish rice, refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, and second helpings.  My day could've easily been well over 3000 cals, because I know damn well I would've ended the night with a cheesecake blizzard!! 

My totals were 1433 cals, 102 carbs, 71 fat, and 103 protein.  I can probably do without the protein powder now, as I'm getting in plenty of protein from meat.  Yes, fat was too high as was carbs.  I did do my elliptical, got my fluids in, and took my vitamins. 


on 11/16/11 10:38 pm - Arlington, VA
Susan -- be kind to yourself!!!!  remember the nsv and enjoy that!!  i'm still on the PLUS side, even though i'm a 14 -- sigh.  as for the food slip -- the important thing is that you realized it, owned up to every bit of it here and on your food tracker, and have plans not to do it again.  like the almond butter instead of the pb -- it won't be as tempting.  pb had to be gone from my house for a long time.  now it's ben & jerry's b/c i will do that thing where you go into the pint just to "make the top even" and eventually you can see the bottom of the carton so why not fini****!  so, NONE in my house b/c it's a trigger food.

i think you're doing great and just learning as you go along -- everybody does!!!!

enjoy those 14s -- who knew you'd be taking back 16s?!?!??!?!?!?!  (((((hugs))))

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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

on 11/17/11 1:55 am - LaPorte, TX
Well I go Mc Ds in a inch and order bacon cheeseburger no bun they put it in a sald bowl . Love it not great but this is my trick.They opened a carls jr here i get burger lettuce wrrapped no fillers in meat and eat about 4oz and  did i mention it has guacomole on it yummmm!!!!Agin this is a tret I am in a  10 and some 12's 5-8 and weigh 191 and been here 3 weeks maybe scale taking a break or to many burgersw lol keep on keeping on
  First month since VSG 33  2nd 14 lbs 3rd12lbs 4th10lbs 5th10lbs 6th 9lbs 7th 13lbs 8th 13 lbs  9th 2 10th 6 11th bounced 175-180 12th  bounced  13th 2 lb cw(164)