Had a hungry moment and ate !

on 11/16/11 9:09 pm - CA
Ok so I have been following my plan to a "T" and doing fantastic, but just out of nowhere last night I was famished. So I looked around trying to make a good choice and ended up eating about 3 oz or so of chicken. I feel really guilty like I cheated because this was at 9 pm. I never eat after my dinner, and it's 5 am now and I am still full.

I know eating protein was fine, but I feel disappointed in myself that I caved in to a craving. So afraid to start a bad habit, or should I say return to an old habit. I stopped myself after a certain amount of chicken, I was afraid to get sick, but really felt I could have eaten more! It was scary.

Has this happened to anyone else?

on 11/16/11 9:15 pm, edited 11/16/11 9:16 pm - CA
VSG on 01/12/12
Well it all depends.....you said it was a craving.  What did you eat for dinner at 5pm?  Was it a bit lighter than usual?  Less protein?

Was it a head hunger or were you actually hungry? 

To be honest I don't think it matters.  NO ONE ever gained weight by having an extra snack of dense protein!

Not sure if you were craving chicken or not....but if that is what you CHOSE over crackers or chips or something worse....than you definitely made a positive choice.
on 11/16/11 9:16 pm
First of all, you're human. I have tried for my angel wings on my plan, but I have had some struggles, and at exactly the same time - late in the evening.

A couple of suggestions: If you find this is a pattern (and it is for me, the late evening munchies) PLAN a meal a little later in the evening (but not quite 9 PM). Look at your overall calories, carbs, etc and just plan for something to eat then that will allow you to remain within plan. Maybe make it smaller than 3 oz.

I have two times a day I must plan something: Mid-morning when my steroid kicks in and early evening before my "munchies" kick in. So my food looks like this:

AM - shake
Mid morning - light part lunch
Early afternoon - another shake
Early evening - dinner
Later evening - planned protein snack

I do all this at under 700 calories a day (my plan allows 800, I just average under 700).

Figure out what works for you.

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on 11/16/11 9:22 pm - CA
Thanks guys, I think I figured out what happened, I was too busy to eat my mid morning and mod afternoon snacks yesterday. I didn't get in enough actual food and I did eat my dinner early because of it. I need to remember when I leave home to bring my snacks with me. I think this is the problem, I never had snacks in my life before, but now I really need my yogurt and cottage cheese snacks everyday!

Thanks for listening and helping me think this out a little better!

Feeling like today will be back to normal...