ummmmm what does narrowing mean ????

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i am reading my packet from the dr. and am looking at the risks of the band, bypass and sleeve.....the sleeve has the LEAST AMOUNT OF RISKS :) ANYWAY, THE RISKS OF THE SLEEVE INCLUDE.....leaks, which i know about, reflux which i already have, but is under control thanks to prevacid...but what the heck is stenosis (narrowing) ????? that is a risk in bypass as well.






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good question...maybe ask you surgeon. I googled it and it kept directing me to spinal stenosis..if you find out share what you learn.. :)
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stenosis is hardening. where the esophagus and stomach stop working, basically. those two organs cramp and release... peristalsis. but for the first month after surgery they want to limit that to allow the stomach to heal and not leak. but because they are removing a huge portion of the stomach and muscles and nerves the stomach can stop working the food.... peristalsis. causing a stenosed stomach.

hope that helped.
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That generally occurs at the greater curvature (the place where your stomach curves) if the sleeve ends up being narrowed there. A well made sleeve is a pretty uniform tube - no wide areas at the top and bottom and no narrowing in the middle. The curvature is where it's easy for the surgeon to make the sleeve too narrow.

Result - nausea, food not going through and general mayhem sometimes resulting in an additional surgery to correct.

This one is almost all about surgeon technique.

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