ff refried beans with melted cheese = PUREED?????

on 12/26/11 1:37 pm
I am so confused.  I thought I understood the definition of pureed.  I thought it mean something thin enough that it could be sipped through a straw.  Chunk-free, liquidy stuff - like stage 1 baby food.

I'm moving from full liquids to purees later in the week and I'm trying to learn what my options are.  Like a moron, I lost the ONE page in my big WLS binder from my surgeon that discusses pureed! D'oh!! 

But, anyway, I am hoping someone here can help set me straight.  I've seen a lot of people talk about eating refried beans with melted cheese in the puree stage.  Aside from the fact that the beans seem like a pretty carby choice, I don't understand about the melted cheese.  Unless it's like nasty processed "nacho cheese" sauce, how could melted shredded cheese be considered a puree?

I also saw a mouth-watering recipe on eggface's website for ricotta bake.  It sounds SO GOOD.  But, again, this has parmesan and also shredded mozzarella.  So it sounds like she also considers melted cheese to be puree.

What definition of puree were you given?  I might be totally misunderstanding what is  meant by pureed foods.   Maybe it's a lot more substantial than I thought.  After a week of puree, I am to go on 2 weeks of "soft foods".  So, if that helps, my surgeon definitely considers those to be seperate stages.

I do plan to contact my NUT after they are back in the office from the holidays. In the meantime, thanks for sharing any insight with me. ;)    I'd looooove to make that ricotta bake, but I'm nervous about it not being a "true" puree.    I'd rather always err on the side of caution, so if there is disagreement I'll just stay on full liquids a bit longer until I can talk to my NUT about things.


Jocelyn P.
on 12/26/11 1:47 pm - San Antonio, TX
One of the first things I remember eating was refried beans. I watered them down a little bit, measured 1/4 cup and mashed them up with a fork. (no cheese yet)  I believe that was pureed.
The definition of purees that I was given was the consistency of apple sauce. That's why I watered the beans down....just a little.

That ricotta bake is yummy, but don't push things. That might be a soft food, with the melted cheese and all.

hope that helps.

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on 12/26/11 1:50 pm
Thanks for your response!!   Yeah, I could see needing to water down the beans for sure.  If I remember them correctly (it's been a while since I had these) they kind of come out of the can in the shape of the can. LOL!  So they are pretty think.  I might skip the beans, though, just due to the carbs.

Good to hear the ricotta bake is as yummy as it sounds.  I agree it may be more of a soft food than a puree.  I can wait another week for that.  It'll be something to look forward to. 


on 12/26/11 3:17 pm - los angeles, CA
i put my beans in a pot with 2 tbls of chicken broth, heated them, put them in the blender, then whipped some shredded cheese into them, some Greek yogurt on top and a couple shakes of hot sauce.  it was the best tasting thing i thought I'd ever had.  they did sit like a lead balloon though and i could only manage a tbls at a time but after the liquids they tasted like heaven.
on 12/26/11 1:48 pm
on 12/26/11 1:52 pm
Thank you for the response - that makes sense! 

Maybe I could add greek yogurt and a little unflavored protein powder to the beans to help make them more bariatric friendly?  I'm still nervous about eating beans, though. 

Thanks again!


on 12/26/11 2:01 pm
on 12/26/11 3:03 pm
 I am so glad this was posted.  I have been confused on the purees, too.  I start my purees on Wednesday.  I plan to stick with unsweetened applesauce, yogurt, cottage cheese, sf pudding for the first several days.  I'm on purees for two weeks before I start on soft foods.  That ricotta bake and the refried bean with cheese sound wonderful, but I'm going to err on the side of caution and save those for the soft phase unless I change my mind.
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on 12/26/11 3:08 pm
Glad I'm not the only one confused!  I think I'm going to hold off on the ricotta bake until soft foods too.


on 12/26/11 2:59 pm - Richardson, TX
VSG on 09/20/11 with
my first meal after liquids was refried beans. I measured 2 oz on a small plate and then I melted a slice of 2% american cheese on top. The 2% american cheese slices melts very well in the microwave and it really thinned the beans out enough to eat.
I didn't blend it or any thing but I did take small bites and chewed really well.
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on 12/26/11 3:12 pm
Thanks for your response!  I could see how american cheese would probably melt into a liquid.  I'm not a big fan of american cheese, though.  It seem too processed to me.  But, maybe towards the end of the puree stage, I could give it a try.  Honestly, even though I don't like american cheese, at this very moment your first meals sounds delish! (I'm sort of sick of my shakes and broths!)  Thanks so much for that idea!


on 12/26/11 3:17 pm
 I know what you mean about being sick of shakes and broth!  It's getting harder and harder to drink those shakes and to drink/eat the broth! lol
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on 12/26/11 3:18 pm
Can the blender puree basically anything to the safe consistency?  Specifically I am wondering if I could take ricotta, mix it with marinara (hopefully low sugar, if that exists), some fresh parmesan and italian seasonings and then blend it like crazy.  We have an industrial quality blender, so it does a pretty good job...  but my worry would be the parmesan.  There might bit tiny bits of it, and it's a hard cheese.  Still, I imagine it would be the consistency of applesauce.  Opinions?

I am also wondering if I could take these vegetarian meatballs, which are pretty soft to begin with, and throw them in the blender with low-carb ketchup or spaghetti sauce.  

I imagine both of the above might look kind of creepy, but I would think they'd taste pretty good.

Thanks everyone for helping me. This is making more sense to me now.


on 12/26/11 3:24 pm - los angeles, CA
I interpreted the ricotta as soft foods and waited until then. i've seen some blend meats but i did not. i did blend tuna salad, that was a staple.
on 12/26/11 4:12 pm
You might be right about that!  I honestly haven't had ricotta cheese in years and years, so I don't remember at all what the consistency is like.

Thanks for your response!


on 12/26/11 3:30 pm - WA
Everyone is different and what you body can tolerate is different. Weeks three I started with a scambled egg, yogurt and refried beans. I added salsa/cheese/sc just for flavor. I still could only eat 1/3 cup. But like I said you have to try different things. I am on week 6 now and still can't eat a lot of things they suggest on the board, or that was in my plan.
Good luck
on 12/26/11 4:16 pm
That's a really good point!  It's hard to know what you will tolerate until you try it and everyone is so different. 

Was the scrambled egg considered pureed or soft?   Did you have to put it in the blender?

I'm nervous about experimenting and I want to "follow the rules" to the letter as much as possible. It's sort of my personality to follow the rules (I know... I'm a square.)  I'll ask my nut before I try anything that is sort of on the border between puree and soft food.

Thanks for your response!  It's always so interesting to hear what other people are eating (or ate) when they are as far out from surgery as me.  It's really varied.


on 12/26/11 3:54 pm - chanute, KS
my instructions say : any puree thinned to the consistency that can get through a straw..pureed meats canned or cooked veggies or fruit blended down. low fat ice cream, puddings with low or non fat milk, lower calorie smoothies, soupy cream of wheat (chocolate is pretty good) mashed potatoes with no lumps and any soup that has been blended to a puree, smooth apple sauce, pureed and thinned refried beans.......
on 12/26/11 4:18 pm
Thank you so much for sharing that!   :) 


on 12/26/11 4:06 pm
VSG on 11/30/11 with
I am on purees right now and will be until I transition to "soft foods" on Friday. My doc's definition of purees is also the same as the others - hold the spoon up and it should be runny enough like applesauce, falling off the spoon. I have been thinning my Greek yogurt with ff milk and Torani sf raspberry syrup... but I just wanted to add one delicious puree I ate this week - I was at my parent's house and they had small meatballs (the frozen kind) in marinara sauce for spaghetti - I took three little meatballs and a lot of sauce, sprinkled some parmesan cheese on it and then blended really well. It looked like dog food but tasted so delicious!! Try it, you'll like it!! 

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