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5 month anniversary with pics

on 12/28/11 5:07 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Morning of surgery (5am) showered and ready to go!

5 month surgiversary

It has been 5 months since surgery and what a learning experience.  I am so grateful for this opportunity to change my life for the better and I take it all very seriously.
I follow plan, I exercise and try to learn from those who went before me and found the best way to goal.....the vets!
Elina, Frisco, Jimbo, USAF wife, to name a few-the success stories who have helped me in ways they would never know and I truly appreciate their generosity and loyalty to keep contributing to us all-way after they have reached their goals and maintained them.
A big thank you to OH and all the contributors.  This journey is a personal one, with many views, but we all share more than we know!
on 12/28/11 5:15 pm
 how amazing!!  1- for how you look, and 2- that you were put together enough to shower the morning of surgery. lol.  

congratulations!  tomorrow is my 3 month anniversary and i hope i'll look as good as you in 2 more months! 

Jessica              Surgery Date 9/29/11 Dr. Ian Soriano Temple University Hospital, Philadelphia, PA          HW: 287 / Pre-Op: 280 / SW: 263.4 / CW: 161.6 GW: 145



on 12/28/11 7:22 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Jessica, Thank you so much!  Congratulations on your 3 month anniversary, you are doing great!!!  keep up the good work!
(deactivated member)
on 12/28/11 5:15 pm
You are beautiful, really, really beautiful, inside and out.  What an amazing transformation in such a short time.  Your dedication and motivation show in your fantastic results.  You are a gift to this forum and I am sure in RL to everyone who is lucky enough to cross your path.  I can't wait to celebrate your goal post with you.  Congratulations and continued success.
on 12/28/11 7:24 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Thank you so much for the kind words Elina, it means a lot coming from you. 
on 12/28/11 5:16 pm - GA
VSG on 12/14/11 with
You look great! Congratulations!
on 12/28/11 7:26 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Thank you, I appreciate it!
on 12/28/11 5:17 pm - Merrionette Park, IL
VSG on 12/15/11 with

Congrats you look fantasic....

on 12/28/11 7:27 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Thank you and best wishes to you!
on 12/28/11 5:19 pm - NJ

So inspiring !   Congrats on your sucess so far.  Haven't really connected one on one with anyone on OH yet but I love so much of the advice and comments.

on 12/28/11 7:28 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Thank you, OH is full of great people, we are here for you!
on 12/28/11 5:24 pm - Laurel, MD
VSG on 06/01/11 with
 You look awesome - much younger!  Congrats and keep rockin your sleeve!

Lucy  (Imma Loser!)
  LilySlim Weight loss tickers                  
HW 335 SW 311 CW 181.2 -- Goals:  Twoderville - 6/7/11, 280 - 7/1/11, 260 - 8/1/11, 240 - 10/30/11 Centry Club - 11/22/11, 220 - 12/27/11 Onederland - 5/25/12, 180 - , 170 (surgeons goal) -  
We shall see where this leads...  

on 12/28/11 7:30 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Thanks so much Lucy, we can rock to goal!
on 12/28/11 5:50 pm
VSG on 09/26/11 with
Look at you!!!  You are doing so great, you will be to goal before you know it.

I echo Elina in saying you are a gift to the forum.  I have greatly appreciated the time you've taken in answering my questions and easing my fears, and sharing your journey.
5'9"  All weight lost post-op. Goal weight determined by body composition testing.
on 12/28/11 7:34 pm, edited 12/28/11 7:34 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Thank you Mary for your thoughtfulness, I wish you all the best!
(deactivated member)
on 12/28/11 6:04 pm, edited 12/28/11 7:42 pm
on 12/28/11 7:41 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
I was actually coaching my ten year old son (who was taking the after pictures) on how to adjust the zoom and flash :) 
Your right, the before pictures I am definitely forcing a smile, but the after shots- I am very happy......even if it may not completely show. :)
on 12/28/11 6:07 pm - TN
VSG on 12/01/10 with
Wow! What a big change in just 5 months!

Congrats! You look fantastic!



on 12/28/11 7:42 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Thank you Lindsey!  You have done a wonderful job and I like reading your replies to encouraging!
on 12/28/11 6:25 pm - Canada
Lookin' good!!!
Love the mantle and all the woodwork in the background.