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Is my body starving????

on 1/15/12 4:37 am
VSG on 01/10/12
 I may be nuts, but every morning I am waking up sooo weak....I swear my body thinks it's starving!
I do feel better when I get my first shake in, and vitamins....I'm not hungry at all, but I think my body is craving protein.  3oz  3x a day seems to do it, but I swear I could use another for a late night snack.  I'm going to start adding protein to my water to see if that helps....I'm getting in 60g and most of my liquids....any imput to newly sleeved peeps out there?
on 1/15/12 4:45 am - AL
VSG on 12/19/11 with
I am getting in around 80-90 gm protein a day by putting in a scoop of syntrax nectar protein in my 2qts of water.  That bumps up the intake by 23gm a day.  Since I have to drink the 2qts of fluid anyway, I figure I'd make it count more.  I haven't been weak at all, and I've only been hungry (I think; could have been my imagination) once since pre-op.  I just started soft foods yesterday.
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on 1/15/12 4:54 am
VSG on 01/10/12
 yea, I think syntrax nectar is the way to go....does adding that much protein slow down weight loss?
I did buy "new liquid whey" but by reading some posts about it, doesn't look like collogen protein is good....they claim it's "liquid gold for bariatric patients" ...I did order some syntrax...can't wait for it to arrive.
on 1/15/12 5:08 am - Brunswick, GA
Adding protein will not hinder your loss. In fact, many people have observed that it actually helps their loss.   
on 1/15/12 5:32 am
Your body is still healing, and you wont be back to full strength for a while yet. I didnt feel my normal energy return until after four weeks or so. That being said. Are you taking your vits? Does your Dr. have you on B12 supplement? and Are you getting at least 64oz of water per day?  I didnt feel any real hunger until about 6 weeks out. you may need a late nite snack, a couple bites of protein or sipping part of a protei shake may help. But I would stop eating about an hour before bed.  Good luck...
on 1/15/12 5:41 am, edited 1/15/12 5:41 am
VSG on 01/10/12
yes, I am getting my vits in, and most of my 64oz...everyday I get more in....I did buy unjury chicken soup flavor...I think I'll try that today. I am such an impatient patient!! I expect to be back to normal right away....time will the meantime, I will mix it up a bit, and add more protein! Thanks!
on 1/15/12 5:53 am
 Try paying attention to your blood sugar levels.  I only had a very occasional problem with it going low prior to surgery, but found nearly every day for the first two weeks I was fighting it.  Always the same thing- waking up first thing in the morning.  A couple mornings I was unable to get downstairs to get something so I had to send the hubby.  Once I drank 4 ounces of soy milk (later switched to the shake to shave calories) then after a relatively short period of time I felt a milliion times better.  I am 4 weeks out now and it has not been nearly as much of an issue, but still mildly present.  That first 10 days I was at 40 grams of protein then I kicked it up to 82- that also seemed to help.  But then again, the carbs climbed closer to 40 when I did that.  I started putting the multivitamin and calcium supplement by the bed at night and would take them in the middle of the night- that seemed to help the most.  They have just a few carbs in them- enough apparently to weather the long period of time between meals. 

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on 1/15/12 5:59 am
VSG on 01/10/12
 I think that's it!  Too long between meals....I guess I'm doing pretty well then if I'm getting in 60 plus grams...I have to tell you, I look forward to my multi to chew it ;)
on 1/15/12 6:31 am - PA
VSG on 01/05/12
   I have been  getting my protein in using the Unjury chicken soup.   I have two cups of that a day, it's good but even better if you drop a no sodium chicken bouion cube, it hides the protein taste!  I also got the syntrax nectors variety pack and using those in my water between meals they are good.
  There is even some milk based shakes in the variety pack try those, chocolate, strawberry,cappaccino there all good.  I thought I was really hungry, my stomach was constantly grumbling & churning, called my surgeon staff and they told me to increase my PPI.  I was taking one 20mg in the morning, now another in the evening, what a difference that has made not feeling that tummy hunger like rumbling now.  Two bariatric multi-vitiamins & 6 chewy calcium chews, 1 sublingual B12.  I'm feeling good, but I still get tired mid-afternoon and cat nap, I know what you mean about rushing this along I see myself doing that!
on 1/15/12 6:51 am
 If your surgery was this month then it is just the normal post surgery fatigue - you need more time to heal- energy will come.   Did you get your B12 shot in the hospital?
on 1/15/12 7:17 am
VSG on 01/10/12
 Not sure about the B12 shot.....I know I'm not taking it now.....just calcium and multi along with my PPI and gallbladder med.  I will ask about B 12 at post op visit.  Thanks all for your imput
on 1/15/12 8:03 am - TX
I'm 6 weeks post op, my Dr. advises 80-90 gm of protein per day, in the beginning you have to drink lots of protein supplements, lack of protein can cause a host of health problems. Also how is your blood pressure and blood sugar?
on 1/15/12 8:40 am
60 grams seems a little low.

Many plans call for 70+ for women. I do best over 90 and shoot for over 100 (I also get 88-96 oz of fluids).

Shhhh...don't tell anyone but I've managed to lose 141 lbs in a short time having a small evening protein snack almost every night.

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on 1/16/12 6:45 am
I was wondering what you calorie intake was and carbs too.  and as far as protein... what do you eat?
on 1/16/12 8:47 am
I have a very tiny tummy so I gave up trying to get all my protein from food - it made meal time seem like such an ordeal.

I drink 2 protein shakes a day at about 40 grams each, breakfast and mid-afternoon. I eat protein foods (less than 2 oz of solid protein, about 2 oz of soft protein) 3 times a day, lunch, dinner and small evening snack.

Calories now run around 700-750, including my calories from my chewable iron, D3 and my fiber supplements. Carbs run in the mid 30's and again I count my supplements - they're about half of my carbs each day.

I do some kind of exercise for an hour at least 4-5 days a week.

In maintenance I plan to add another small feeding of just fruits/vegetables.

Highest weight: 335 lbs, BMI 50.9
Pre-op weight: 319 lbs, BMI 48.5
Current range: 140-144, BMI 21.3 - 22

175+ lbs lost, maintaining since February 2012

on 1/15/12 9:41 am - Garland, TX
Just gotta say you are doing great getting in your protein.  I haven't done nearly as well with mine.  I'm not a sweets person, I hate the protein smell, and trying to get my protein on mushies is tough.  I think I'm averaging around 50 grams a day.  I *make* myself have one protein drink a day as much as I hate them.

And it could be low blood sugar.  I had 3 different spells where I felt like I was going to pass out and went to my GP.  They did blood work and said my glucose was 47...average is 108.  It was probably even lower at the times I was feeling bad. I'm supposed to see a nutritionist that works with bariatric patients to figure it out.

Hoping to find some bars that work for me once in two more weeks when I get to the general foods stage.

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on 1/15/12 10:14 am - Camano Island, WA
VSG on 12/01/11 with
 I just saw my doc on Friday and had very similar complaints that I discussed with him.  He said the fatigue/low energy factor may continue for another three to six months and that this is quite normal.  Not all patients have it, but those that do seem to require more protein.  He suggested I bump my protein intake to 100 or more grams a day.  I'm looking at the nectar everyone is mentioning and may try that as well.  But according to what my doc said, 60g is not enough protein!  I'm looking forward to getting to the solid food level in another two weeks so I can try things like turkey jerky and other high protein snacks to help keep the total higher.  I am getting to where I hate the protein shakes!

Good luck!



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on 1/15/12 10:23 am
VSG on 08/09/10 with
It can take quite a while, sometimes as much as a month, for anesthesia effects to wear off.  Also, this early out your body is putting a great deal of energy into healing, which will drain energy for just daily living.  I would up protein and make sure you're getting your liquids.  Right now your job is just that - protein, liquids, walk when you can, rest.  :-)

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on 1/15/12 11:45 am
VSG on 01/10/12
 Thanks so much everyone....I just love this forum!!  I think increasing my protein is the the meantime, I will continue to do what I'm told, and be patient, and let my body heal....
on 1/15/12 12:41 pm - Sacramento, CA
Low energy and lethargy the first couple weeks is very normal.  After all, you went from eating way too many calories to having 400-800 calories.  It will take your body a week or two to alter its biochemistry toward burning fat rather than storing fat.

Do be patient, and know that it'll get better before you know it.


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