Can food stamps be used to buy protein shakes?

on 2/10/12 10:40 pm
 I know, I am gainfully employed.  I am inquiring because I have a sister on disability asking a lot of questions about the WLS.  She is proportionately a little heavier then where I was, has a nasty heart condition, asthma, diabetic... you get the picture.  She is also completely broke.  I see every so often that people post that medicare covers the surgery, but as we all know the cost of the protein shakes and vitamins adds up.  Just wondering if she would have options for that.  

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jule R.
on 2/10/12 10:59 pm
VSG on 01/31/12
As a poor person.. you can buy the pre-made protein shakes w food stamps. The powder I don't think you can. Also the stores you can use food stamps will prob not have a great selection of protein shakes.. but she should be able to make due.


on 2/10/12 11:09 pm - Broussard, LA
Revision on 12/30/15
I am on food stamps and I buy my protein powder at walmart. The powder has 26 grams of protein and it taste great.

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Krys H.
on 7/6/14 4:41 am - hemet, CA

can you tell me the brand and flavor you get?

on 7/6/14 10:30 am - Broussard, LA
Revision on 12/30/15
I buy Body Fortress and I usually get vanilla, that way I can add whatever flavoring I want to it.

        You must be stronger now than you ever thought you could be.

on 8/7/15 12:33 am

What is the brand of protein powder you get?

on 8/7/15 2:44 am - Broussard, LA
Revision on 12/30/15
Pure Protein or Body fortress

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on 2/10/12 11:44 pm, edited 2/10/12 11:45 pm - GA
VSG on 07/19/12
Lexie 84
on 2/11/12 12:54 am - Washington, DC
VSG on 03/13/12
On February 11, 2012 at 7:44 AM Pacific Time, Sleeva wrote:

@  JULE R.....This was a very inconsiderate post and very demeaning...If you dont know about a subject don't post.

 I dont think Jule was being demeaning, it seemed that they were saying they r poor too. It did read kind of weird at first but when i looked at it again, i think she was referring to herself at first.




on 2/11/12 5:13 am - GA
VSG on 07/19/12
@Lexie 84 thanks for clearing that up..
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