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how in the devil do you puree scrambled eggs

on 2/21/12 9:10 am - NY
i am walking into my doctor's office and have them teach me how to do this cuz i am so frustrated.
how am i supposed to get eggs into apple sauce consistencey?
on 2/21/12 9:12 am - CA
VSG on 01/12/12 with
I didn't bother.  I just made them soft and they went down fine.  The thought of pulverized egg was pretty repulsing to me.
on 2/21/12 9:15 am
I agree with Doggz109. Just make the scrambled egg soft & start with tiny bites. You should be fine.
on 2/21/12 9:15 am - NY
omg, i am going insane.  i am having cream of wheat and scrambled eggs using a baby spoon.
on 2/21/12 9:21 am - AL
try grits, even if you aren't from the south, they're good, and they can be either savory or sweet. 

Eggs haven't worked for me I'm 3 weeks out.  I get maybe 3 small bites and there is pain.  Try mashed potatos too for something a little different.  

Good luck! the (almost) daily journey after VSG

Eat to live, don't live to eat.
Jennifer H.
on 2/21/12 9:26 am - TX
VSG on 01/17/12
I was told to scramble mine and leave them "wet" and eat them slowly. I never thought of putting them in the blender :p
on 2/21/12 9:29 am
VSG on 11/10/11 with
Yep..just cook them soft and chew well...
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on 2/21/12 10:26 am - PA
VSG on 02/09/12 with
I bought this blender called the bullet and it works great....I blend everything cause I just started stage 2 (into 2nd week)...I even blended egg drop soup!  Not bad.
Thanks for all the help!!
on 2/21/12 10:44 am - Canada
VSG on 01/16/12 with
 Eggs were a tough one for me at first too. I just use a little drop of corn oil with milk in my scrambled egg, and it helps to keep it moist and soft. If it is too well cooked, I found it to stick on the way down and sit like a lump in my stomach, no matter how much I smushed or chewed it. I waited a week and then played around with it till I got the right considency, and no problems since.

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on 2/21/12 10:59 am - Mobile, AL
VSG on 01/23/12 with
I add a TBS of cottage cheese and it keeps it moist the whole time.  Chew, chew, chew!
Allie A.
on 2/21/12 11:14 am - Canada
Try boiling eggs soft. 1min + another min for each egg. When you take them out, take off the tops and scoop it all into a dish. You may not even need to blend, just chop the white bits really well. My mom used to make this for me as a kid when I was sick. It's called "eggs smashed up-in a cup" the soft yolks will make it work. PS you'll need a little s&p
(deactivated member)
on 2/21/12 11:20 am - Canada
VSG on 08/16/13 with
the thought of magic bullet'd eggs makes me nauseated lol.  ugh!