5 weeks post op and NOW feeling nauseous!

on 2/24/12 1:16 pm - CO
Hi everyone. I had my surgery on 1/19 and have had no nausea or sickness at all, until a couple of days ago. Now I feel sick after just a bite or a sip of anything! I'm trying to get my fluids in, maybe only 40 oz today, and I'm sure I have'nt gotten much protein in. The only thing I was able to eat without making me feel sick was a tigers milk protein bar. I had a bite of meat and a slice of cooked carrot.
Anyway, has anyone had this where all of a sudden you're nauseous after feeling so good? I've done pretty well with eating and drinking so I don't know what could be going on!
on 2/24/12 6:51 pm - CT
Do you still have your gall bladder?

Also, at 6 weeks things change quite a bit. Your sleeve is almost completely healed, you start trying new foods, you eat more often, you tend to let up on the acid meds. Just a lot of variables that were not so present earlier on.

It could also be a virus or something totally unrealted.

But for now go back to simple foods at pre-alloted times and see if that helps.
If not then get the to the doctor to check it out.

Hope this helps,
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on 2/24/12 9:42 pm
VSG on 01/26/12
 I had the same thing happen at 4 weeks out. Doubled up on my PPI and no more nausea. I think it must be a healing phase.
on 2/25/12 10:57 am - DFW, TX
I just had the same thing happen, at around my 5-6 week mark for a couple of weeks. Suddenly started being nauseated round the clock and nothing sounded good. Around the same time, I also started with lots of burping. It is much better now, and I don't know if it was just a phase or what. One thing that may be unrelated, but I had started eating some protein bars and they had the sugar alcohol in them. When I stopped with those bars, the burping really slowed down. I don't remember if the nausea stopped right then or if it calmed down a bit before. Play with your diet to see if it's something you've added in that you can't tolerate yet. Be sure to get your protein and liquids in, as I've read other posts that say that contributes to the nausea. And, talk to your doctor; things such as gall bladder problems might be a factor too. Good luck.

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