Stretching the sleeve

on 3/4/12 3:08 am - NY
I have heard that the sleeve is very difficult to stretch as the part of the stomach that is left is thicker and how come we shouldnt have carbonated beverages??  I thought that the reason was because carbonation stretched the stomach. Does anyone here have carbonation in moderation? 
Kevin H.
on 3/4/12 3:14 am - Baltimore, MD
VSG on 02/06/12
My NUT said to wait 6 months and then I could have diet soda in moderation if i wanted.


on 3/4/12 3:18 am
 I've heard of some people having diet sodas later out. I have tired beer but immediatly it made me feel sick and bloated. Also I think pop (I'm from the midwest and thats what we call it) even diet is not good for you and very addictive. I had a terrible diet Mt Dew addiction before surgery and know if I started drinking it again I couldn't do it in moderation so I just choose to leave it alone. 
on 3/4/12 3:19 am
I think also its the gas issue. Our new stomach produces or doesnt process gas very well thats why we do the gas x stuff for quiet a while after surgery. 
on 3/4/12 3:51 am - Canada
VSG on 01/16/12
 I was told that I could never have pop again. I think it is because of the carbonation. We already need PPI's for acid reflux and carbonated drinks only aggravate the acid, and can cause gas pain. It could also damage the incisions early out too. So if you do chose to enjoy a coke once in a while, it would be best to wait about 6 months first. I don't know if it would stretch it out, but perhaps the gas can bloat the pouch a bit, but I think it has more to do with acid reflux.

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on 3/4/12 4:05 am

You will see lots of opinions. 

I choose not to drink carbonated sodas because it was hard to give them up and now I am well satisfied without them.

Some people feel discomfort with carbonation.  It can increase pressure in your sleeve which isn't good during healing.

Honestly, I think the main reason is to keep us away from sugared sodas, which are the death knell to any WLS success.

Will I never have another sip of diet soda?  Can't say.  But I'm not going to now because I don't see the point.

:) Happy

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on 3/4/12 4:29 am
As everyone before me has posted there are lots of reasons.

I for one have taken a sip or two (nothing else available and I had a cough or tickle in my throat)  and found I really don't like it any more.  I used to drink diet cokes and now I really don't like any of them.  Give me iced tea or water any day!!!

on 3/4/12 5:07 am - Brookfield, IL
VSG on 04/16/12
Good Bye Club soda




on 3/4/12 5:09 am
Giving up diet sodas wasn't an issue pre-op, since I had stopped that habit years ago. Diet sodas just aren't good for you, but what I have found, I cannot tolerate any type of carbonation at all. It just doesn't taste good and doesn't make my sleeve feel very good. I tried some carbonated water a few months ago, and I couldn't stand it. The carbonation doesn't make the sleeve stretch, but most sleeves don't like it. I just stay away from it. Why go there?
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on 3/4/12 5:35 am - TX
The scientific reason: carbonated drinks contain acids that interfere with our calcium absorbtion. It's counter-productive to your daily supplements.

The various other reasons: newly sleeved stomachs can have a great deal of trouble pushing gas out. Burping is hard to non existant in the beginning. You CAN belch later on, but it's not the same as it was before surgery. It takes more effort and isn't always easy. It can take a couple squeezes/heaves to work one up.

As far as stretching your stomach, no. It's a gas, and even if you have problems burping it up right away, it's not going to stay in your stomach long enough, nor will you physically be able to drink enough at once for it to cause you any stretching harm. What it CAN do, however, is act as a gateway to feeling hungry sooner (some people say diet soda causes them to graze) and can interfere with insulin reactions in some diabetics.

I do drink soda fairly regularly, but I always drink triple the amount of water per ounce as I had of soda, and at 96 pounds lost in 4.5 months, it's not interfering with my weight loss. My labs also came back just fine, as I am taking my supplements. Please don't use me as the norm, however. I know my body and mind and what they can handle. Your mileage will vary.

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