Liquid Diet - 6 months out

on 3/21/12 3:52 am - Livonia, MI
Has anyone ever tried to go back on their liquid diet after surgery (like several months out)?  I've hit a long stall and can't quite figure out how to get out of the slump.

How many calories are you getting a day?



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on 3/21/12 3:55 am - Newnan, GA
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Some folks sure do.  For me its just a binge/restrict type behavior that I cannot go back to.

How many calories are YOU eating?  are you tracking?  I only ask because if you know, then maybe you can knock some back, or maybe you can switch out some foods for some more dense protein options? 

Good luck.
on 3/21/12 4:09 am - Livonia, MI
I track my food everyday on  I usually get between 700-800 calories and I work out at least 4x a week.


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on 3/21/12 4:19 am - Newnan, GA
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Right on girlie!

For me, if something seems wonky here are the things I look at.

My food:  Do I still have "hospital corners?"  What I mean is, am I focusing on protein and dropping the things that are not OPTIMUM nutrition?  (Sure nuts are okay, but are they OPTIMUM - sure that protein bar is within my nutrient macros I am trying to hit, but would I/could I be better served with dense protein?). So first thing I do is look and cull anything that is just an extra. Oh, also see if I am consuming a lot of prepackaged things - am I making sure they are not sneaking in a lot of sugar or sodium in there!? 

My behavior:  Am I making sure to not be snacking?  Am I sure to get enough water in and follow the rules of drinking before/after meals for X minutes?

My movement:  Is there any way I can increase the EXERTION without increasing the time?  If I am hiking 2 miles every day, maybe I can add 20 pounds to a back pack and then I exert more energy in the same amount of time - that sort of thing! 

And if all of my BEHAVIORS are in line with what my GOAL is - then its coming and I need to remind myself that this is me practicing for maintenance !  there will come a time when I do the right thing because its the right thing to do, and I will not *see* the benefit of it as soon, but BENEFIT IS COMING!!

Anyway, those are the things I check off when I am going through my list of "what's going on here!!" :}

Good job girlie!  Keep it up!  One step at a time!
on 3/21/12 4:02 am
Hey gurl!
I was sleeved on 8/8/11 & my weight loss has slowed too. I've lost about 26 pounds from the beginning of this year. I don't think I could handle going back to all liquids but I always drink a Premier shake for breakfast. Lunch is probably my biggest meal (if you can even call it big). For dinner, I try to keep it more low calorie but high protien like nonfat cottage cheese or nonfat plain Greek yogurt or maybe even an egg with a sprinkle of cheese. Sometimes I worry about going so low in calories but dang, these last 20 pounds are getting tough to take off. I aim for 600-800 calories a day.
on 3/21/12 4:11 am - Livonia, MI
It is so frustrating, isn't it???  I would like to lose at least another 50 lbs, so I am no where near where I want to be yet.  Just trying to figure out what my body needs is driving me crazy!!


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on 3/21/12 4:38 am - NC
My VSG was 8/8/11. I acutally thought I was done losing weight. I was stalled from Feb 6 until yesterday morning. I lost 2 pounds from where I had been. This morning was another half of a pound. I hope I am out of this rut but so glad I'm not the only one experiencing it. I tried more calories, more water, more excercising, more carbs and nothing helped. I then just continued what you are doing and it finally just happened.
on 3/21/12 4:38 am - CA
I try to do an all liquids day but it is really difficult now. I usually try this when I feel like I am out of control, sugar is my addiction. And even though I have very little to none, on the occasion that I have a sweet treat I find my mind wanting more. The cravings come back and to fight them I do half a day of liquids. Maybe breakfast and lunch and then a regular meal at dinner. It is not for calorie or weight loss, it is more so for me to regain control over the cravings that use to control me.

It is what seems to work for me as I live in great fear that if I let the monster take over I will lose this fight I have battled all my life. I am so happy since vsg I never want to let this feeling go. So while some won't ever go back to liquids, I don't mind every once in a while. And I do still actually have a protein drink every other day to make sure I am getting in enough protein.

Good luck, give it a try if you are game for it, it won't hurt you that's for sure.
Tonja B.
on 3/21/12 5:52 am - TX
I had my surgery the same day as you and my weightloss has really slowed down.  I saw my nutrtionist and this is what he suggested:

110 grams of protein a day\30 grams at breakfast with no more than 5 net carbs
no more than 50-75 carbs
800-1,000 calories
and of course exercise

I have lost 6 pounds since visiting with him and I had stalle before that for about 5 weeks.  Hope this helps!
on 3/21/12 6:06 am - Livonia, MI

Thank you!  I will definately try it!


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