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Do you feel cold after surgery? Also, still trying to keep positive, but it's tough!

on 4/2/12 4:01 pm
VSG on 03/19/12
First, today I am 2 weeks out.  

After surgery, I feel cold all the time.  It was never like this before surgery.  If I drink a glass of anything at room temperature, it makes me cold.  My body temperature can drop down to 97.2 degrees just from that.  I have to wear a heavy sweatshirt jacket at home all the time, and use an electric blanket at night.  

There are lots of articles out there on the effects of Ghrelin, appetite, sleep, and body temperature.  I think the surgery has really affected my body temperature, metabolism, and sleep.  I am not sleeping as well as I did before surgery, and it takes me a long time to fall asleep bcos I have to warm up before I fall asleep.  

The other challenge is... I am 2 weeks out, and have not lost a single pound.  I keep wondering what is going on here, and when will my body's metabolism adjust?  I mean, it seems like it has to.

I called my doctor's office, and I have an appointmet on Wednesday afternoon.  We'll see what they say.  

I am happy for all of you who have done so well initially after the surgery.  But, it is hard for me not to be concerned about it.  

Even though I am experiencing these challenges... I know I did the right thing.  I have to believe that.  

Any thoughts?  Thank you.

interesting... bit scary... but, I won't worry about this!

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on 4/2/12 4:08 pm - TX
I am 1 year out and cold all the time still!    Always try to keep a jacket on or with me.  
Don't worry - you WILL lose - your body was shocked by the surgery and it takes time.   And, there WILL be plateaus - all part of the normal process!
Good luck!   You will be fine!
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Ms. Poker Face
on 4/2/12 4:27 pm
I am cold ALL THE TIME now.  Before surgery I also tended to be cold, but not like this.  So yes, it's normal.  

As for stalling, that's also normal.  Keep sipping!  Just follow your plan and you'll be fine.


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on 4/2/12 4:30 pm
Many of us are very cold after surgery. It's just the way it is. Regular exercise seems to have helped me warm up a bit, too. I don't get nearly as cold in the evenings as I used to now that I'm getting my heart pumping and sweating on a regular basis.

The weight loss will come. No way it can't. Stick to your program and be patient. I'm sure you're frustrated and waiting for those pounds to melt away. Don't worry - they will come off!

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on 4/2/12 4:39 pm
VSG on 03/29/12 with
Ever since my anasthaesia wore off Thursday afternoon, I've been much colder. I thought it was because my blood sugar is going down, but I see now that maybe the blood sugar is only one piece of the puzzle.

As far as not seeing results on the scale yet, please don't get too discouraged. I have read other threads here where people have said the same thing, and then a week later (or whatever) they have a huge loss. Not saying yours will happen on a particular day, but it should be starting up soon.

Just remember, as safe as we think the surgery is, it is still major surgery. Our bodies all react differently and heal differently, and yours may just need a little more of an adjusting period. In the meantime, don't give up! If you are following your doctor's instructions, your body will have no choice but to give up the extra weight soon!

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on 4/2/12 4:43 pm
I'm cold always! I guess from the loss of fat. Before had more fat so never really was cold. Fat=good insulator LOL

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Kevin H.
on 4/2/12 4:53 pm - Baltimore, MD
VSG on 02/06/12
 I still have PLENTY of fat at 334 lbs and I'm cold .. I dont think thats quite the answer but it sounded good LOL  


Kevin H.
on 4/2/12 4:52 pm - Baltimore, MD
VSG on 02/06/12
 I was 390 lbs with plenty of insulation to keep me warm.  I was never cold.  I would go out in the winter snow with no coat on and be fine.

Now, i'm cold all the time and keep the thermostat up to 74.  I used to keep it at 68.  A friend that had bypass told me that I would be cold all the time.  Somehow, I didnt believe her lol.  It's true though.


Sally D.
on 4/2/12 4:57 pm
VSG on 03/14/12
I freezing all the time. I hate it but I"m glad to know that this is so called normal. As for weight I guess I understand your frustration. I lost 10 pounds the first week and then four and have'nt lost since. I keeping the faith because everyone said it will happen. Hang in there
on 4/2/12 5:13 pm
VSG on 07/27/11 with

First of all- please do not worry about will, I know it can be frustrating during the challenging first weeks of just liquids to not see the scale move, but believe me it will and you will soon love your sleeve.
Your sleep and emotions will all balance out in time, everything is adjusting and you will soon be back to feeling normal.
As far as being cold, I used to always be hot and sweaty and it may sound unusual...but I enjoy being cold.  I can put on long sleeve shirt or a cute jacket and feel snugly, instead of hot and miserable.  So maybe I am one of the rare cases who after surgery was very happy they were cooler than before being sleeved. :)
Best wishes to you and hang in there...your on your way! :)

on 4/2/12 5:35 pm - CA
VSG on 02/21/12
 i was never cold before my surgery 5 im cold  weeks ago, but cold all the time now,  ive had an electric blankes for 4 years and i ahve used it more in the last 5 weeks  since i owned it.

excerise warms me up,  then i cool down,  i take hot shower  to warm up,  hot tea warms me up,  and the electric blanket.

my sleep was disturbed since the day i had surgery, i couldnt sleep for more than 3 hrs when i got home,  but it gets better, i have slept throught he night since my 1 month check up.

as for weight loss everyones different,  i lost 30# first month then 4# next week now going to my 6th week nothing.    i hear its normal.   the more fat u have the faster it comes off  my dr said,  I ahve 40# to go according to my DR.

stay positive and dont stress, stress hinders weight loss
Twizzled D.
on 4/2/12 6:31 pm
 Yes, very cold now. My friends who are perpetually know, the naturally-skinny chicks who keep gloves around til May.. they're even teasing me about my complaints of being cold. On the other hand, when temp**** 80 here 2 weeks ago, it was SO nice not being sweaty and uncomfortable.

As for sleep, yes on that too. My sleep pattern was all messed up for about a month after surgery... maybe a little longer. The first 2 weeks it was because I had *no* schedule... slept when I was tired, walked and drank liquids the rest of the time... plus it was around the holidays. When I went back to work, it was the same - I'd fall asleep when I got home because I was exhausted, then have trouble sleeping through the night. Around a month out, my surgeon cleared me to go back to the gym and that REALLY helped! It helped with the routine, forced me to not sleep after work, and got me back on a sleep schedule. I was still fatigued for about another month...and now, even 3 months out, I get days where I just hit a wall. Those days seem to come when I'm getting sick or if I've been slacking with my AM water bottle, though. 

Your body's learning to adapt to life with most of an organ gone. I was honestly so off-schedule my first few weeks that I don't remember the scale moving very much... when I got to mushies, that's when it started falling off, I think. Are you taking measurements? Have they changed? 

Good luck to you!
on 4/2/12 7:45 pm
VSG on 03/19/12
This board is amazing!  Thank you for all of your support.  Your comments are so appreciated.  

 HW: 318.6  Pre-surgery Weight: 268.6  CW: 149 Sleeve Date:  March 19, 2012
- 169.6  pounds!  Doctor established medical goal weight = 165. I lost 50 pounds before getting sleeved.  Current BMI = 27  Original starting BMI = `58.3  Tummy Tuck: 01-04-13

on 4/2/12 9:17 pm - CA
Don't worry about not loosing the pounds, the same thing happen to me. I had lost 50 lbs. before the surgery , after the surgery I didn't start to loose until after 3 weeks, my surgeon told me that my body was still in shock, the body goes into " starving mode", I also was having a hard time getting all the protein and water in.

You will be fine, just give it some time for your body to heal more. Take care and best of luck !!