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on 4/4/12 1:53 am - Mobile, AL
VSG on 01/23/12 with
Fortunately for me I work for the University of South Alabama where my bariatric surgeon is the chairman of surgery.  I was riding with him in the elevator yesterday and showed him where my feet were swollen.  They have been swollen over a week now and I have been taking a diuretic every day and still they are swollen.  We discovered yesterday that I haven't been getting enough protein and that fluids will leak out of your bloodstream into the tissue (sorta like malnutrition in third world countries).  I really didn't want to have to drink shakes or use supplements for protein but I guess it is unavoidable now since I can't seem to get all my protein from food at this point - maybe later.

on 4/4/12 1:56 am
VSG on 03/29/12
Interesting... I've never thought of protein as a preventative for swelling feet. That's good to know.

And I'm not surprised that you still need shakes at two months out. I think my husband was 6 months out before the surgeon told him to try and get all of his protein in through regular food. You'll get there

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on 4/4/12 2:48 am - Mobile, AL
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Actually Moonglo, I never started drinking the shakes.  I have been trying since surgery to do it all from foods.  I just couldn't stomach the shake after the surgery.  Probably can now and will have to try.

Sally D.
on 4/4/12 9:07 am
VSG on 03/14/12
are you sure it isnt a sign for a blood clot?
on 4/4/12 10:40 am
Protein malnutrition is a very serious issue, glad you are going to start upping your intake.. I am curious, what was your daily protein grams up till now?

I didn't even think to suggest low protein levels to your swelling issue as I just assumed you were likely taking in shakes! Almost no one early out can get enough from food alone, I still have one a day to hit my needs (and so I don't have to eat constantly!)