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Here is one of my dressing recipes too

on 4/9/12 2:22 pm
Cilantro/Garlic/Olive Oil/Rice Wine Vinegar/ salad dressing:  measurements are approximate (I do everything by taste and feel).

In a food processor or blender put about 2 cups olive oil.  Add about 1 1/2  (ie. sl. less than the amount of olive oil) marukan seasoned gourment rice wine vinegar.  Add about 3-7 large garlic cloves.  Add salt and pepper.  Blend.  Taste and adjust ingredients to your liking.  Then, lastly, add a head of fresh cilantro leaves.  O my go**** is so good on avocado, or tomatoes, or over scrambled eggs, or as a dunking sauce for any cheese or meat, or salad dressing on fresh and crisp romaine leaves.  ****an you tell I am making myself hungry??).  Enjoy.  I put the whole thing in MyFitnessPal and here is how it came out: 

Generic - Cilantro/Garlic/Rice Vinegar/Olive Oil Salad Dressing

serving size:  1/8 cup
calories:  150
carbs:  6
fat:  13
protein:  0