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almost halfway!!!! pics

on 4/9/12 10:29 am
VSG on 12/26/11 with
 I havent really posted on here in a while but this is whats up.!!! I started at 281 now I am 208 as of this morning!!! I'm only 3 1/2 months out. the 1st 6 weeks was a struggle but now its a whole lot better. 1st month i lost 36lbs, 2nd month ONLY 5lbs =( march I lost 20 lbs, and so far in April i have lost 7 lbs. I feel hot now!!! 1st one is a week ago, the last ones are pre op. GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO IT
on 4/9/12 10:54 am
VSG on 07/27/11 with
Wow!!!!  What a transformation, you look GREAT!!!  Keep up the good work!!! :)
on 4/9/12 11:11 am
VSG on 12/26/11 with
 its weird I still see myself as the old me but i can wear smaller clothes, I went from a 24 to a 16. Thank you
on 4/9/12 11:14 am
VSG on 01/17/12
Wow! Great job. And cute kitty.
on 4/9/12 11:16 am
VSG on 12/26/11 with
 Thank you, and she has her moments:( she tore up our blinds bad
on 4/9/12 11:18 am
VSG on 01/20/12 with
Wow, you are amazing! I feel the same as you regarding feeling like the old me but in smaller cloths. Crazy, isn't it?
on 4/9/12 11:22 am
VSG on 12/26/11 with
 I love it, guys try to hit on me all the time, i have my mangers asking how much today? now she wants my dr's number. I work at the toyota tundra plant, and I have every head in the building turning when I walk out in blue jeans =) 
on 4/9/12 11:25 am
VSG on 03/09/12
 OMG!! All that weight in 3.5 months?? You are an inspiration! Keep up the good work!
**  and NO, I'm not pregnant - that's the size of my tummy **

on 4/9/12 12:19 pm
VSG on 12/26/11 with
 i had the dreaded 3 week stall that lasted a month so dont get down on yourself if you this happens, switch thing up! lower your protien just play with it u know your body best
on 4/9/12 12:35 pm - PA
VSG on 01/05/12
  Wow, congrat's!  You lost 20lbs more than me & I thought I was doing good!