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Favorite Mushie Stage Foods

Laura S.
on 4/9/12 10:10 am - CT
 I am three days away from mushies and would live some ideas so I can make a grocery list.  

on 4/9/12 10:15 am
VSG on 03/07/12 with
 Chili, Cheese, and turkey pepperoni!!! 

 VSG 3/07/12     HW:260   SW: 249   CW:164  


Laura S.
on 4/9/12 1:38 pm - CT
 Omg I think I drooled ... I think that is a few weeks away but yum that sounds good!
on 4/9/12 10:20 am - CA
VSG on 01/09/12
Ricotta Bake... from
Laura S.
on 4/9/12 1:39 pm - CT
 Thank you... I have a feeling I will visit that site often!!!!
Ms. Poker Face
on 4/9/12 10:21 am
I had to blenderize everything for my mushy phase.  Added enough liquids so that the end result was of applesauce consistency and slid off a spoon.  Here's what I ate.

egg salad
scrambled eggs
tuna salad
chicken salad (use canned chicken since it's super soft)
baked fish
laughing cow cheese wedges
ff refried beans with a little melted cheese
cottage cheese
ricotta cheese
the lowest carb cream soups I could find and then I added protein powder to them
ff plain greek yogurt (added a little splenda and cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice)
no sugar added applesauce
sugar free pudding
still used protein shakes, broth and other liquids to supplement mushies

I got creative with the flavors I added to things.  I used different spices and liquids to switch it up.  I must have made my chicken salad ten different ways: ff mayo, greek yogurt, dry hidden valley ranch seasoning, dry mustard seasoning, mild buffalo sauce, ff sour cream, etc.

After mushies, I suggest dropping the carby stuff (cream soups, applesauce, pudding, etc).

Hope this helps!


5'5"    Goal Reached!  
Start Weight 246    Maintenance Range 150-155    Current Weight 173.5

Starting size: 22, 2x
Current size: 10, L


Laura S.
on 4/9/12 1:40 pm - CT
 Thank you do much for this lust, I think this is going to be very helpful and I appreciate the time you took typing all that.  Thank you!
on 4/9/12 11:43 am
VSG on 03/28/12
 I'm three days out from mushies too! I will be glad when I can just have a spoonful of applesauce!
 Life is not an emergency, live one day at a time.        
Laura S.
on 4/9/12 1:41 pm - CT
 Oh trust me, I hear you!  I am tired of drinking already!
(deactivated member)
on 4/9/12 11:54 am
VSG on 01/19/12
tuna, chicken and egg salad!!! i lived off of that for weeks!!! and cottage cheese!  i found some very very very thin like cripsy wafers to scoop out my salads above.. i only had one or two with it, it helped to break up the mushie and satisfy my craving for something crunchy...  just go slow and test things first! enjoy!!