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VSG and Pregnancy

Carly A.
on 4/13/12 9:23 pm
 Hello everyone!

I am in the phase of researching different options for WLS. I am leaning far towards the sleeve. 

One of the last things that I am wondering about it, is if it will affect my ability to have children, or if it will affect the health of my baby while I am pregnant (when I decide to have one). I am only 20, so it won't be for a few years, but it something I believe is important. 

If anyone has any knowledge on it, I would really appreciate it. 

Thanks all!

on 4/13/12 9:26 pm
Hi Carly,
I was told by my surgeon to wait 18 months after VSG to have kids. I dont plan on having kids anytime soon but I guess it was good info for me to know!
Carly A.
on 4/13/12 9:40 pm
 I think I saw that somewhere online, but I am glad to hear it from a real person. You can not always believe everything you read on the internet. Haha.

Thank you!
on 4/13/12 9:47 pm - San Antonio, TX
VSG on 04/10/12
 Prior to surgery, I was given a little booklet of what they expected of me after the surgery. One of those things was for me to be put on TWO types of birth control. I kinda lol'd but eh, whatever. I have heard of people having kids after having the VSG, but like Shagdoll said, it's advised that a person wait 18 months - 2 years before having a child.

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on 4/13/12 9:47 pm - Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis
This was one of my concerns also as I am in my 20's.

You having the VSG now will allow you a healthier pregnancy later. It is pretty clear cut. Studies show obese mothers who give birth increase their children's risk of autism, diabetes, obesity, and many other illnesses. You will also have a healthier pregnancy at a normal weight.

The issue with bariatric surgery and pregnancy is you really must wait until you are in maintenance, eating enough each day to maintain your weight, nourish your baby, and stay out of ketosis. Ketosis can greatly harm a fetus so this is why you are told to wait. Your body is in ketosis when it is using up its fat stores, in the losing phase.

So the lesson is, wait 18 months before you have a baby or until you are able to eat enough for maintenance.

And a word of warning! Make sure you are using protection, multiple sources are better (condoms and Birthcontrol) because fertility increases as you lose weight and we have seen alot of the "Im 3 months out and pregnant" posts.

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Carly A.
on 4/13/12 10:00 pm
 Thank you both for the information! 

I usually use two forms anyway, just in case. It is good to know all of that Information. Thank you both, very much.
Alicia L.
on 4/14/12 6:34 pm - Wichita, KS
 Getting pregnant was the reason I had VSG in the first place.  I had such horrible PCOS that my husband and I were contemplating IVF. I talked to the surgeon, and he said VSG was an excellent option because I would lose the weight quickly and be stable for a longer time (as opposed to the lap band).

Originally, the doctor said I needed to wait 18 months after surgery to get pregnant, but when I went back for my 9 month post op appointment, he told me I was completely healed (I had also stopped losing weight), and if we wanted to start trying, he was okay with it.  I am also 34 years old, so time was really not on my side.

Well, long story short, when I went back for my one year follow up, I was 8 weeks pregnant!  I got pregnant on my first cycle off the pill.  I'm 29 weeks and due in July (19 months post op).  My only advice would be the same as everyone else's, and to not skip your birth control if you're not ready to get pregnant!

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Carly A.
on 4/15/12 4:32 am
 That is so helpful! Thank you very much. How is the sleeve working for you?
Alicia L.
on 4/15/12 6:54 pm - Wichita, KS
 I love having sleeve, loved it from about day 5.  The first three days were hell, I couldn't believe what I had done to myself.  After that, once I really got the hang of sipping, sipping, and more sipping, It was better.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all sunshine and roses.  I had to completely re-learn how to eat, and how to listen to my body to know when to stop eating.  I still have all my notes from my nutritionist, and after this baby comes, I'm completely going back to basics to lose the baby weight.

My husband and I are going through the Bradley Method of Childbirth classes, and a lot of the dietary suggestions are very close to what I learned from my nutritionist.

I am thankful every day that my husband and I had the means to make this surgery happen (our insurance doesn't cover it at all, we had to pay cash).  My blood pressure is consistently 104/60, I passed my glucose challenge test (the test for gestational diabetes) with flying colors, and generally a much healthier person.  29 weeks into pregnancy, and I'm still taking and teaching taekwondo classes, and I'm also still taking (and learning to teach) belly dance classes.  There's no way I could have done that 80 pounds heavier AND pregnant.

Go for the VSG.  You'll love it.

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Carly A.
on 4/15/12 7:26 pm
 The more I learn about the VSG, the more I think that it is the right one for me. Thank you, again, for your help.
on 4/15/12 5:11 am
I'm 13.5 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy post-VSG. I didn't read any of the other replies so if  any of this is repeated, I apologize.

I was cleared for TTC at 8 months post-op. I was below goal and able to consume enough calories to support MY body during a pregnancy, and my labs had been stellar through my entire losing stage. The baby will take from you what it needs, it's our bodies that we have to protect.

So, we tried for a year to successfully conceive. 2 chemical pregnancies later, and at 19 months post-op, we conceived Tatum, she was born, full term via a repeat csection (I have an almost 14 yr old son), and VSG in no way complicated my pregnancy. She weighed 7lbs 4.9ounces and measured 19inches. Her apgar was 8/9 and absolutely beautiful.

I had zero issues consuming enough food/calories/liquids required to sustain a healthy pregnancy. My prescribed caloric intake was 1700-1800 calories for the pregnancy. My maintenance caloric intake was 1400-1600  per day. So, it's not like our bodies need an extra 1000 calories just because we're growing another human.

Things do change in pregnancy. My restriction became very lax at the end (this is pretty common among RNY and VSG), plus my hunger returned. I hadn't been hungry since being about 6 weeks post-VSG. I was starving in the last trimester.

I will tell you that pregnancy is not all daisies and rainbows. Tatum is 5.5 months old and I'm 13.5 weeks pregnant again. YEP, this baby is due 2 weeks before Tatum's 1st birthday. Least to say, I am having my tubes tied. Not a chance in hell of me changing my mind on the table like I did with her.

Anyways, I have other medical issues that require a daily aspirin therapy (it is a genetic condition that was diagnosed in my last pregnancy) and my it effects my platelets and how they function. I'm also required to take a 30+ day round of steroids (prednisone) in the last month of the pregnancy so I can have a spinal block for the delivery. If I would have chosen RNY, this treatment would NOT be possible since you can NOT take NSAIDS with RNY. Aspirin is an NSAID, and I take it every day and will for the rest of my life.

It is recommended to wait until your weight is stable, and your body has time to adjust. We were cleared because of my age(I'm 35)  and a looming deployment was hanging over our heads for my husband. There are tons of women who get pregnant early, the risk is there for nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, BUT more importantly, to get pregnant while still obese or morbidly obese increases the risks for pregnancy, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, and other issues related to obesity and pregnancy.

I gained a whopping 35lbs in my last pregnancy, lost 25lbs shortly after delivery, my restriction returned and my hunger is gone again (for now). When I started focusing on losing those last 10-12 pounds, I popped positive on a pregnancy test again. So, I am starting off this pregnancy about 10lbs heavier than I was with Tatum, and I've already gained 7-8lbs.

I posted a lot of pregnancy updates with Tatum. And, everyone here who kept with me, can verify that my biggest struggle was the weight gain and physical changes that pregnancy brought on. It was a complete mind twist, I hated every minute of it until the very end. By that time, I was just downright miserable, hated the way I looked, and was ready to get her out of my body. No one can tell me that my feelings were not justified, I was enormous. A lot of people think we should just be grateful to have been able to conceive without medical intervention. I am/was beyond overjoyed, but that did NOT take away my fears of weight regain. I was ALL belly. The pregnancy stretched out all of my belly skin that had shrunk up very nicely, I was in a size 2 skinny jean (some 0s) and ballooned up to a size 8/10 maternity pant! That's a huge difference. Even after losing 25lbs, I was still in a size 8/10 regular pant size, my size 2 would not go anywhere close to over my butt cheeks, much less the belly. My skin stretched back so badly that it caused wound healing issues with my csection incision and it took 8 weeks for it to completely heal. To this very day, I have hanging skin and a fat roll on the lower abdomen that causes issues with my incision. Grant it, my body/skin did not have time to recover before getting pregnant again. And, yes we were using condoms. So, it was not planned or even expected. I have already discussed with my OB about the skin issues, and at 28 weeks, they are bringing in the plastic surgeons to evaluate my skin condition and will begin the process of getting my tummy tuck scheduled with the understanding I get back down to maintenance weight of 130lbs. They may have to bring in the plastic surgeons for the csection so they can remove the fragile skin from 3 csections in my incision area to ensure that I don't go through wound healing issues again.

Overall, pregnancy post-VSG was great. I had all the normal pregnancy symptoms except morning sickness. I had to pee a lot, but when you have to drink nearly a gallon of clear fluids per day, you're going to pee all day. I was extremely exhausted/fatiuged through both 1st trimesters, and the cravings were absurd with Tatum. With this pregnancy, all I want is sweets. With Tatum, all I wanted was spicy/savory. I've had off and on nausea with this one. Chicken usually makes me want to hurl, and there's no specific time for the nausea to hit. I can eat, and then be sick for an hour and I can no longer throw up so I have to endure the room spinning, the watering mouth that happens, the cold sweats, it's not pleasant and makes eating a chore at this point. I'm already showing BIG time, back into maternity pants, and I'm carrying this one completely different than I carried Tatum. I'm much broader with this pregnancy.

It's a wild ride and one that I wouldn't trade for the world. Best wishes on your journey ! ! ! If you have any questions, you can always shoot me a message.
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Carly A.
on 4/15/12 5:40 am
 Wow! It sounds like you went through a lot. You did not repeat anyone, Haha. Plus, it was good to hear such a detailed story about a pregnancy post VSG. I really appreciate you taking the time to write that for me. Everyone is so great, here on OH. Thank you!
Alicia L.
on 4/15/12 6:57 pm - Wichita, KS
 I followed your pregnancy with Tatum, and I completely agree with you about what horrible mind games you go through with the weight gain!  Every time I try to talk to anyone about it, they just say "oh, you're pregnant, you're supposed to gain weight!" Yes, I know that thanks, but it sure doesn't make it any easier to see it on the scale.

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