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on 4/15/12 5:12 pm - CA
VSG on 01/12/12
Just found out tonight that Bart Millard (lead singer for the band MercyMe) got a sleeve back in January (4 days after me) and has lost 88 lbs so far!

Any other celebrities known to have a VSG?  I'm assuming they wouldn't want it known....but just curious.
on 4/15/12 5:45 pm
Back in my pre-op days, I remember coming across the brother of Seann William Scott from American Pie who had sleeve surgery. His video on You Tube is called, "Brother of Hollywood Actor gets a Gastric Sleeve". His name is David.
Not really a celebrity himself though but as close as I've come across!




on 4/15/12 6:13 pm - TX
 There are a couple of local celebraties in Dallas that have had the sleeve. Nate Newton former Dallas Cowboy and Ben Rogers he is a sports Radio DJ. They both had theirs done with my doctor.
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on 4/15/12 8:46 pm
RNY on 02/28/13
I've wondered this too. We hear about celebrities getting gastric bypass but I've only heard of Nate Newton getting sleeved.

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on 4/15/12 8:47 pm
Ron Paul the rapper had his done last year or around 18 months ago.
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on 4/15/12 9:57 pm
VSG on 04/27/12
I've wondered if British television icon Stephen Fry had WLS, though he says he lost his weight through diet and exercise.  He lost about 84 pounds in six months, which he discusses here:


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on 4/15/12 11:13 pm
There is a country music start that went to Dr. Alverez in Mexico. He has a You Tube video about it...
on 4/15/12 11:26 pm - Silver Spring, MD
Rapper Paul Wall lost 100 pounds w VSG.
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on 4/16/12 2:28 am
VSG on 02/04/12 with
I know Carnie Wilson (sp?) got gastric bypass years ago but I stumbled upon an ad recently that said she was going under the knife again due to weight regain. I wondered if she was revising to a sleeve or to a DS. Can you do that after a bypass? Just curious if anyone knows anything more about her journey.
on 4/16/12 2:38 am
VSG on 03/19/12
 Oh no she's getting paid by a lapband company to get a lapband over her pouch.  Most if they revise from the RNY they revise to the DS.

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