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stomach cramping after eating ???

on 5/14/12 11:52 pm, edited 5/15/12 1:24 am - Urbandale, IA
VSG on 03/22/12
This just started recently where when I eat  not long after my stomach wil cramp up & then release & do this over & over for probably 20 minutes or more. When it cramps up it sometimes pushes food back up into my throat. It can be rather painful also.  I have been measuring everything & haven't gone over, & it's also been things I have eaten before that I had done fine with previously. I'm not drinking the 10 min. before & 40 min. after either.

has anyone else had this? If so what it is & how can I get it to stop??

I honestly am starting to get turned off on the thought of even eating anything solid because of this.

well, after seeing so many people look at my post & no answers, I figured that was my queue to call my surgeon. The nurse said she needs to run it past the PA & will get back to me. Apparently this isn't something any bit common. Just hoping now it's not bad.

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on 5/15/12 1:42 am - Urbandale, IA
VSG on 03/22/12
I just heard back from my surgeon's office & apparently something I ate, my sleeve didn't like. So it inflamed my sleeve & that's why ever since my sleeve wants to push food back out after I eat.

They're putting me back on the Hyocosamine (sp?) for a few day s every 4 hrs & I go back to a full liquid diet for 2 full days & then to soft foods for 1 day & then try regular foods again. They think all should be fine then but if not call again.

Hopefully my experience helps others.

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on 5/15/12 1:45 am
VSG on 04/10/12
 Wow, that's kind of scary.  Do you have any idea what food it was that caused it?
on 5/15/12 2:00 am - Urbandale, IA
VSG on 03/22/12
I think it was the raw veggies I ate with some shrimp. I have had shrimp before & no probs.. However the carrot slice & broccoi were new.  That's my assumption

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